10 Feb

Written by Kayleigh on February 10, 2017

Friday Blog

This week there’s been lots of reduced to clear bargains to be had in Boots. From make up, to baby items, there’s been fresh stock on the reduced shelves every time I’ve been in. The only reason I can think why is that they are getting rid of a lot of lines so they are selling the remaining stock off very cheap.

I picked up 10 cartons of SMA toddler milk, perfect when you’re out and about as they have straws. These normally sell for 75p each, but when I picked them up I paid 20p each. Although I’ve since been in again and they are now 10p, so sometimes it pays to wait.

They also seem to be clearing out a lot of hair dyes, so if you are a DIYer with your hair now’s a great time to bag a bargain, as most colours start at £5 each and go up from there. I’ve seen a lot of different brands and shades, something to suit everyone. The prices seem to range from 70p to £1.50. I picked up a Garnier Olia for 75p and Schwarzkopf Live colour for 70p, great for stocking up on and battling those greys.

I have managed a few freebies this week in the form of baby packs. I picked up a Bounty pack, but was disappointed to discover that the coupons in it had expired. This made me a little wary of the product samples inside, as I had no clue how old they were. After a quick email to them, they informed me of the app they have and told me about another free gift pack I could collect. I have just collected it but I haven’t opened it yet, so not sure if its ok. I was able to claim 3 different packs by signing up to Emma’s Diary, once signed up, you can download 3 vouchers for a free baby pack, each different. Just take them into Boots or Argos to claim them. I’m planning to do a video over on my YouTube channel to show how you get them and what you actually receive in them.

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