14 Feb

Written by Kayleigh on February 14, 2017


Starting to coupon and bargain hunt if you are new to it can be very daunting. There are rules you should stick to as well as coupon etiquette and it can be a challenge to get your head around. But you’re not on your own.

No matter what the question or what subject you are stuck on there’s always someone in the money saving community that is more than happy to help.

In my experience the community is great and even though I’ve been couponing for a while I’m always learning and I know there are people I can ask that can help.

The other thing about being part of the money saving community is that it is great for sharing good deals and coupons as they appear. It doesn’t take long for them to circulate around everyone and no one misses out.

Part of the sharing deals and coupons is making sure you give credit where credit is due, if you get the deal off someone then credit them for the find before you pass it on as they will have done that for the person before and so on.

There are a few people that don’t give credit, that do steal other couponers content and aren’t so helpful but luckily, they are few and far between and those of us that are willing to help far outweigh the ones that just want all the credit – without sharing where their information came from.

Overall it really is a great community to be part of. Sharing experiences with like-minded people, sharing your successes and sometimes you’re not so great experiences.

You can find friends without the judgement as we all do the same thing, being part of the community is about helping others like others have helped you.

We are easy to find and always happy to help with any couponing and money saving questions and a few have YouTube channels so more info to be found, why not search for one of us and see how we can help you.

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