10 Mar

Written by Kayleigh on March 10, 2017

Not a week goes by that I don’t come across one bargain or another. My focus lately has been baby bargains, as I’m amazed at the amount you can save on the baby essentials.

The Moses basket I picked up a few weeks ago for £20 has proved to be a very good deal indeed. This week I discovered the same one from the same place on offer down from £94 to £69.95, which is still way more than the price I paid for the exact same thing 2 weeks ago. So that has definitely proved to be a great bargain.

This week I wanted to include my mum in the round up as she has taken up knitting again and some of the things she’s made are beautiful. These are in my opinion a bargain, as she is doing it because she loves to knit and not to make money. People have started requesting items and she’s running a pay what you think policy at the moment. Knitting is something I always remember my mum doing, as kids clothes weren’t always as cheap as they are now. When I was a baby my mum used the skill her mother had taught her and she knitted me all sorts to wear. She stopped for a while but since having my children and now expecting baby number 3 she has started knitting again.

Here are a few examples of some of the wonderful little coats she made.

What you can’t see is the beautiful colours that haven’t photographed well.
Hand knitted matinee coats can cost a small fortune and they are so much better than mass produced items, as the care has been taken in knitting them. But my mum is doing it because she loves to and not to make money, so it’s a bargain in my eyes.

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