15 Mar

Written by Kayleigh on March 15, 2017

You don’t always need coupons or tricks to save money on your food shopping. Cashback apps are a great add on if you use coupons, but coupons aren’t for everyone. If they aren’t for you then look no further than cashback apps.
There are quite a few out now that are good, such as Shopitize, CheckoutSmart, ClickSnap, Shopmium and Green Jinn. Download the apps, make an account, and make sure you enter payment details so you can receive your cash back. This is usually via PayPal, and once you have done that you are good to go. You don’t have to pick just one app; you can have an account on each. However, a few of them are owned by the same companies, so you won’t be able to get multiple redeems if an item appears on them all as once. If it were reclaimed on one then you would have to buy the item again to get the cashback from a different app.

Using them couldn’t be simpler. Before you shop, take a look at the items available on each of the apps (or just one, its up to you). Make a note of any that you would use and a note of the cashback amount. Then, do a quick comparison online with the products you have selected to see what the prices will be. This just saves abit of time in the supermarket. You don’t have to do this step; it’s just something I like to do. Once you have your list then off you go.

Make sure you keep hold of your receipt, as you will need it. Once you’ve select the deals you want to reclaim, then simply upload a photo of your receipt as proof of purchase and usually within minutes you should get the cashback added to your account. If you are using more than one app and more than one of the same item, remember to purchase items in separate transactions so you have different receipts. Like I said, the apps are often linked so it will know if you are trying to claim cashback on an item you have already claimed for.

A few things to note is that you don’t receive the money straight away into PayPal. It goes onto your account but you have access to the account all the times. The minimum withdraw amount is £5 and any amount under £19.99 will be subject to a 5% charge, but amounts over that are free to withdraw. This isn’t for all the apps, but I know for a few at least this is the case. It’s almost like a piggy bank, if you leave it to accumulate and when you’re ready withdraw it. The withdraw and transfer itself can sometimes take a few days so just bear that in mind.

Overall cashback apps are great to use with or without coupons and are a great way to start if you’re a newbie to moneysaving and couponing.

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