17 Mar

Written by Kayleigh on March 17, 2017

This week has been a bit of slow one, although some great bargains did appear towards the end of the week.

Firstly, I’ve been told about packs of Asda Newborn nappies, which are 24 in a pack and in size 0. These are small nappies and are for babies weighing 2-5lbs. But, these could be great for first nappies or to be donated. They are currently selling for just £1 per pack. I haven’t checked my local yet for these but I have heard from a lot of people that they are finding them, so looks like it’s a nationwide deal but as always it will be dependent on stock levels

The second great deal I came across was a perfect case of ‘in the right place at the right time’ while shopping in Asda. I strolled past the clearance shelves and noticed a staff member putting loads of hand wash onto them. This is something that I had just ran out of on my stockpile so a perfect find. They had Asda shea and honey antibacterial and Asda sweet aloe anti-bacterial, which were both reduced from 75p to just 38p – a perfect stocking up price. I found these on Monday and they had plenty of stock in my local and I’ve since then I’ve heard that people have been finding them in theirs, so its looks like it’s a discontinued line they are selling off.

I’ve not had chance to visit many charity shops this week, although I did manage a trip to my favourite one and it didn’t disappoint. For just £8.80 I found a hoodie, an adult onesie, a t-shirt, a brand-new pair of boots and 5 books. That was a great trip. I’m abit limited lately though as to what I buy when I find items, as with an ever-expanding bump I have to consider how long it will fit for. So I’m avoiding buying jeans or trousers and any tops that I find I have to decide if I’ll get the wear out of them or not.

Car boot season has come around again and I can’t wait to see what bargains I can find. I’ll hopefully be filming more car boot videos to show where I go and what I find, keep an eye out on my YouTube channel Coupons Galore UK for those videos.

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