25 Apr

Written by Kayleigh on April 25, 2017

Bookings days out and holidays always mean extra costs and before you know it you are over budget and having to worry about money while you are away.

Forward planning and booking things in advance can all help with reducing costs and stress on your holiday time.

Usually one of the cheaper ways to book a break is last minute, due to reduced prices to fill spaces. But for people that have to budget this isn’t always an option as it doesn’t allow for forward planning and saving money for excursions, activities and food budgets.

If that’s the case then my advice is to look as early as you can and shop around for the best deal. This may take a bit more time than finding a last minute holiday but very often you can find incentives and discounts for booking early.

Once you have that covered it is time to start planning. I know that can sometimes take the fun out of spontaneous activities and trips while on holiday but it does help you better budget for what you can and can’t afford depending on how much money you have to spend.

Research where you are going and find things that you and your family would like to do, even book tickets to your selected activities as these often have an early bird discount when booking so far in advance. You can often save up to 30% off entrance fees just by booking in advance.

The other thing you could do is plan a trip around free tickets. This is something we do for Chessington World of Adventures. I’ve mentioned this a lot but this year we have four free tickets through The Sun super days’ promotion and a 50% off a night’s stay in the hotel.

Straight away I’ve already saved £143 on entrance fees and £79.50 on the hotel stay which means I can budget a lot better for our time there.

Spending money is another big outgoing on a holiday and can soon run away from you if you’re not watching the pennies.

If you have children, set them a daily allowance and give them a little responsibility. If they are older, let them have control of their own budget. You can teach them about budgeting and also keep track of the money.

I know all this may sound like you have just sucked all the fun straight out of your break away, the idea being that it’s a break.

But planning and being prepared will allow you to be stress free on your break and even stress free when you return to your daily life of routine and bills. You won’t have left yourself short when you return as all the planning will have paid off.

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