05 May

Written by Kayleigh on May 5, 2017

This week the mass spring clean has been continuing. It really is crazy the amount of stuff you find that needs throwing out once you start. I have 7 bin bags of stuff to go down to the tip from the kitchen and hall and I’m looking at it like ‘where on earth was all that hiding?’ I’ve been ruthless, but with the new baby’s arrival getting nearer I needed to stream line and improve storage. Anything that was of value I have placed for sale on eBay, Gumtree and Sphock. (Although I have a few words of warning if you use Gumtree which I will go into in a second.) Anything else that wasn’t of value and that I don’t need nor use went straight down the tip. It’s been so nice seeing what I’ve achieved. The main area of focus has been my boy’s bedrooms. As they are going into one room I have been concentrating on making space for them both without overcrowding the room with furniture.

I found the perfect space saving item in JYSK. It’s a 4-tier white metal shelving unit (I think it’s called a wardrobe insert). It fit perfectly into the boy’s wardrobe and gave me 4 more drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe. The next thing I was given by my auntie and it’s a huge heavy blue drawer unit that fits perfectly. The boys have one side each and it hasn’t added any extra furniture in the room. The main issue was the beds. JJ has a single bed but it’s a large pine one and I didn’t want to add another bed as it would really take over the room. So, I started considering bunk beds and was so shocked at the price of them. As both my boy’s birthdays are in April, my grandparents very kindly said that they would buy the bunks as their present. I found the perfect one in Ikea for just £79. It’s not too high, the bottom bunk is only 15cm off the floor so fine for Jaxon, and its slim line and compact. The only issue I had was that it’s a Euro single which meant the bunks are 10cm longer than a standard single, so mattresses would be hard to find. But that where JYSK came in again. I found exactly what I was looking for and they were on offer from £79.99 to £59.99. So, I paid just under £120 for both mattresses. I’m just waiting on the deliveries to get all that going.

Back to Gumtree – now I’ve never had an issue with Gumtree before until just recently so I wanted to share to save you from the same thing. I normally put my number on the ad and never had an issue, but in the space of a few days I had 2 strange numbers ring me. After a bit of research on who called me.com I saw a lot of comments about them being from scammers that have your number from Gumtree ads. Straight away I removed my number but not before I had 2 texts from different ones wanting to transfer 3k into my bank account. Once questioned, apparently they both just had the wrong number (coincidence? I think not). The other issue I had was while selling a pair of brand new shoes I received a strange message asking if I could take pictures of me wearing them with tights, as the lady always wore tights and wanted to see if they looked ok with them on. (Erm, I don’t think so.) After politely saying no and explaining they were brand new the next message asked for some pics of them on with pop socks. By this point I was onto what was happening and I politely said no and left it at that. So, if you put your number on gumtree ads just be careful. I won’t be putting mine on it from now on.

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