09 May

Written by Kayleigh on May 9, 2017

There’s no disputing that when you have children they are expensive and as much as you plan the fact is that you will never really be fully prepared for the amount and the cost. But when the time comes there’s no need to get bogged down with all the latest gadgets and expensive items, just stick to the basics and that’s all you need.

My third son is due in August and I’ve been busy getting the nursery ready. An added cost I’ve had this time around compared to my 2 other boys was having to move my boys into a shared room. Luckily, it’s a large room and they think it’s great a big adventure, but I did have to get bunk beds which was an expense. But luckily, with birthdays just gone and along with all the toys and sweets, my family went practical and between us all we brought the bed frame, mattresses and all the bedding.

Although this cost isn’t for the nursery, it was a necessary cost to get the nursery ready. As the nursery furniture has been through 2 boys already I thought it needed a bit of upgrading, but I wasn’t prepared to splash out the hundreds of pounds for new ones. The prices of some of the sets are shocking and totally unnecessary. The thing with any baby item is unless you use them for multiple children they never really get a lot of use or wear. On average a Moses basket is used for 6 months until your child starts to roll, therefore my go-to place is second hand items.

I purchased a changing table that had great shelving and storage compared to the one I had which was just a shelf. I paid a grand total of £10 for the table and all the canvas baskets, and its spotlessly clean with no signs of wear. What made this deal better was that I could sell mine on again as it was perfect condition for £10. So, I broke even on that deal and wasn’t left out of pocket.

The wardrobe we currently have in there is perfectly fine and at a grand total of FREE I won’t be changing that.

The difference this time around is that I haven’t specifically gone straight to second hand items like I normally would. This is because I’ve found some brilliant deals on brand new items that I wouldn’t necessarily have brought had I not been in the right place at the right time.

The local baby shop Precious Little one is an Aladdin’s cave of treasures and deals. I’ve found items there brand new that I wouldn’t have gotten cheaper second hand, so it’s a no brainer. Sometimes you can get new for a fraction of the cost. I picked up a brand-new cot mattress reduced to £10, a brand-new rocking baby seat reduced from £59 down to £15 and a brand-new Noah Pod Moses basket reduced from £119 to just £20. All these items were on clearance and great finds.

I’m well on track to getting everything I needed. If I couldn’t mend and re use then the new items or replacements I found have been at a greatly reduced price, so I’ve kept within a budget and got the items I needed.

One piece of advice- don’t get suckered into the gadget items as you don’t need them. I had a nappy bin with my first child, and honestly, they are not worth it. Apart from the cartridges costing the earth, at the end of the day you have a bin full of dirty nappies sat in the nursery doing nothing that a 19p pack of nappy bags doesn’t solve. Also, wet wipe warmers- do you really need that? I don’t think so. It’s one of those expensive gadgets you run the risk of using once and never again. So, have think about what you really need vs what you want and get hunting for the best deals you can find. Leave plenty of time so you can bargain hunt and you’re not rushed into rubbish deals.

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