14 Jul

Written by Kayleigh on July 14, 2017

This week has been bargains galore. Everywhere you turn there’s somewhere with some great deals to be had.

Firstly, the supermarkets appear to have some great sales currently running. I’m not positive that they are all national deals, I think to some extent it is store and stock specific. (But I have seen a lot of people finding the deals.) Sainsburys have baby items reduced, such as packs of pampers nappies. I missed the nappies but I did find these, Metanium nappy cream reduced from £3 a tube to just 50p. 

Next supermarket is Tesco. From what I’ve seen they have a brilliant toy sale currently running with a lot of items reduced to clear and a lot of items scanning cheaper than the shelf labels. The handy thing with Tesco’s is the hand scanners allow you to scan anything you think is cheaper without having to take them to customer services or find a member of staff. Tesco is the only supermarket my town doesn’t have so I haven’t managed to check this out myself, but I’ve seen plenty of people finding some great buys.

On to Asda- they currently have multiple sales running, from homeware to toys to clothes and shoes. This is something I could take advantage of as we have an Asda locally. I’ve picked up bedding sets for £6.50, lots of new items for my bathroom for just £21, shoes that were originally £8 for just £2 and much more. I haven’t seen the toys as cheap in my store as others have in theirs, so that may be store specific. But what I have noticed is the clothing items being reduced again. I had my eye on some character baby outfits for £6 down to £3, but when I went in the other day some of them had been reduced again to £1.50. I also found some baby PJ’s for £7 down to £1.50, but the first size scanned at just £1. This may be a sign that whatever stock is left is going to be greatly reduced to clear it, so keep your eye out.

Lastly, yesterday my mum and I took a train journey to Nottingham to hunt for some bargains further afield. We were going to go to Peterborough, but the difference in train prices was crazy. Nearly £40 for the 2 of us to Peterborough but only £18 for Nottingham, so we made the cheaper decision and off we went. I came back with bags full and apart from a few items in Primark I paid full price for, (which given the fact its Primark and things are crazy cheap anyway), I never paid full price for anything. By far the best place was the Disney Store. I paid £22 for a bag full of goodies that originally would have been £140. I was amazed at the number of things they had reduced- it’s worth checking out if you have a store nearby. Here’s a sneak peek of my haul from Nottingham, even the kid’s shoes I picked up were £28.00 reduced to just £10. I’m planning on doing a big combined haul video over on my YouTube channel of everything I found this week. So, if you want to see what I picked up and what I paid for it, then keep an eye out for that.

Like I said there appears to be bargains everywhere. I’ve picked up so much this week that I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention a few things. Go and have a wander, keep your eyes peeled for those magic stickers and see just what you can find. If I can do it anyone can.

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