08 Aug

Written by Kayleigh on August 8, 2017

Bargain hunting and couponing isn’t for everyone, but for those out there like me that love it it’s something that you can get great joy from. And more importantly, it also brings a great sense of pride when you successfully manage to pull off that big coupon shop, or when you come across an incredible bargain on something you have been looking for. There’s something however, that I’ve noticed more and more and it’s something that when I started my money saving adventure I never imagined would be an issue.

That issue, as it seems, is jealously. Now, although jealousy may not be the correct word (in fact it’s not but I’m not sure how you would describe it), something seems to come over some people when you share your bargain finds and deals. That proud feeling you had is soon squashed and trampled on by haters, keyboard warriors and just general ignorant people. You know that it’s a problem when you see people start there post with “no mean comments please” or “before anyone starts they aren’t all for me”. Things like this disappoint me. I noticed one yesterday where a lady shared a good deal she got on boxes of wash powder. You would have thought that some people’s world was going to end if they didn’t find out exactly where she got it from. She was hounded for hours. Her post was then reported and then the name calling and insults started (all over some boxes of wash powder). Luckily, she didn’t take it to heart and saw the funny side, but to others this type of thing is so disheartening and in some cases, can stop people bargain hunting altogether.

Of course, it’s not just strangers that always have an opinion, family and friends do as well. The amount of times I’ve been called crazy and nuts and asked “well, what are you going to do with it all?” is ridiculous. You do get to a point where you stop and think what am I doing and do I really need to explain myself again? But for me, one look at my stockpile and the amount I’ve saved my family is enough to keep me going and ignore any negativity.

When I started my journey I originally just shared my finds to show others that it can be done and I was more than happy to help anyone that wanted to be helped (I still am). If someone has a question, needs advice, or needs help looking for something then that’s what I’m here for, but not everyone is like that. As much as Facebook is a great platform, it is also one of the worst, as people feel compelled to share their unwanted opinions and cause distress. I came across a post from a lady asking about how she could earn some extra money as she was in need. Now most people had helpful ideas and were genuinely interested in helping her, but a few took it upon themselves to jump to conclusions about why she needed the money. This then meant the woman had to defend herself and her reason for asking and its things like this that are really the problem.

When I mentioned jealously, this refers to people finding bargains that others can’t. The ones that can’t can really get their knickers in a twist over it and they sometimes spread some vile words. I’ve had it where I’ve been called a liar and asked to provide receipts because it’s ‘too good to be true’, just because they can’t get their head around it. Then, the only reasonable answer is I must be lying. As I always keep everything just to prove a point, I will share proof, but it’s the point that I shouldn’t have to. I always look at it as if I don’t find something then that bargain wasn’t for me and when one is for me I’ll find it. In the meantime, I’m happy to see others save money and be proud of their finds and I’ll always continue to support people and cheer them on.

It really does boil down to the old saying ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all’. Be proud of your finds, carry on doing what you do and just let others do them.

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