25 Aug

Written by Kayleigh on August 25, 2017

The back to school season is an expensive time for parents, what with buying the uniform, the coat, the shoes, the new school bag and all the stationary.

Some parents will end up spending an absolute fortune, but it really does not have to be that way. By following some of these savvy hacks below, you can save yourself a pretty penny.

• Buy online
Just by scouring the internet, you can end up finding some great deals on the essentials. EBay is a great place to pick up cheap stationary, and you can also find some people selling never been worn uniforms for half the price than the high street.

• Start early
The earlier you do your ‘back to school’ shopping, the cheaper and more discounted the clothes will be. The big rush to buy school supplies occurs in August, and again in January. Avoid these peak times. If you think ahead and get items when the sales are on you can often find things like school shirts and skirts for a lot cheaper.

• Hit the pound shop
Don’t head to the expensive stationary shops if you’re looking for things like pencil cases, pens and pencils. Instead, head to the pound shop and get items like this for the same quality, yet a lot cheaper.

• Do a house sweep
If you don’t want to buy your children all new stationary, why not see if you can find things in your house? Most of us have lots of stationary that we never use. Have a search through and see if there is anything your kids could use.

• See what you can reuse
Sometimes your child may not need all new everything. Take some time to check through everything they’ve used this past year and see what they need new of. With regards to stationary, there may be pens, pencil cases and pencils that you could reuse.

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