15 Sep

Written by Kayleigh on September 15, 2017

I’ve not had much chance this week to bargain hunt like I normally like to. Our boiler was condemned about 7 weeks ago and this week was the week that we had the new one installed, along with a new shower and our dishwasher.
You know you’re an adult when you get excited over a new kitchen appliance. A dishwasher is something I’ve always wanted and I’ve finally got one. And of course, I didn’t pay full price. It was on offer and my dad had a £15 off voucher, so although it’s a large out of pocket expense I still saved some money on it.

On my travels today, I noticed that Superdrug have a great offer on hand soap which is a perfect stockpile item. It’s normally priced at £1.39 but on offer for 65p. I normally pay around 50p when I find some on clearance, so this is a great offer price and a great time to restock the shelves.
Home bargains also have a great deal on kitchen roll just £1.99 for 6 rolls, a great price. So, I stocked up on that as well.

Boots also has some good deals, I noticed on the clearance shelves they have been clearing out perfumes at cheap prices, so it’s worth a look if you are after some new smellies. They also have an up to half price sale on their mini club children’s clothing. I’m not sure if it’s every store, but it was in mine. I noticed that there weren’t many items at 50% off, they were mainly 25% off so it won’t be long and they will drop down in price again.

I currently have a big stash of coupons I’ve been gathering for my next coupon trip, so I’ve been busy organising that check back to see how that goes.

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