19 Oct

Written by Kayleigh on October 19, 2017

Everyone’s favourite time of the year is fast approaching, Christmas lists are being written and parents are frantically searching for the highly requested item at the top of the list.

Over the years the seasons must have toy has varied greatly from the adorable Teletubbies to last year’s Hatchimals.

Christmas is a great time to use your bargain hunting knowledge and hunt out the gifts for the best price you can. This never applies to the must have toy of the season and that is simply because stores don’t need to discount it as it will sell out all by itself without any incentive.

For the first time in a while this years must have toy isn’t just one toy. I’ve been observing a rise in demand for three items and they all equally challenge for the number one toy top spot.

Here’s what they are:

The Luvabella doll
For a start this baby doll will set you back a whopping £99.99. It boasts real life like expressions and features, it moves, talks and plays just like a real baby. You can feed her, play games with her and even teach her things. It seems to be on the top of a lot of Christmas lists.

These little baby monkeys will set you back £14.99 each which for a craze toy is actually very reasonably priced. You can even get a unicorn version. They have 50 animations, they make sounds, blink and turn their heads. They even grip with their tails, you can rock them and swing them, hug and kiss them. These seem to be selling out just as fast as the Luvabella so they are definitely a contender for the top spot.

LOL Dolls
The final toy that seems to be selling out rapidly is actually a group of items and these are the LOL dolls. They come in various sizes with the biggest being the LOL big surprise costing £59.99. These are cute little dolls that come in surprise balls so you don’t know which one you get. They come in a little sister ball for £4.99 and a Tots ball for £9.99. These seem to have a great attraction to them and as soon as they come into stock they fly out again.

It’s unclear yet which is of these will take the top Christmas toy spot this year as they all seem to be keeping up with each other, stock levels for them all are low and limited. If you are trying to get your hands on one the best thing to do is to sign up for stock alerts and that way you won’t miss out.

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