20 Oct

Written by Kristin on October 20, 2017

At first you might be excited to get an invitation to a Halloween party, but then the inevitable “what am I going to wear?” question comes.  No one wants to waste 50 quid on a costume they’ll probably wear one time, but it seems like Halloween costumes get more expensive by the year. And if you can’t get away with wearing that same devil costume you’ve already worn two years in a row, it might be time to spend some money on something new.

If you’ve got £30 or less to spend, we’ve got some ideas – from super scary to mild and everything in between! Plus at Party Delights, all Halloween costumes are 10 percent off right now, so you can save a few extra £££ on your costume.

Under £10:

A witch is one of the easiest – and cheapest – costumes since you can use a plain black dress you already own and just go ahead and buy a witch hat. Sorted! Find a classic witch hat for just £3.59 at Party Delights, or go for a fascinator-style with feathers and a veil for £6.29.

This bloody scrubs costume for men is only £7.19, just add a mask (and maybe a knife prop!). Or, improvise and borrow scrubs or an old doctor’s coat from a friend.

This vampire mistress costume is only £9.99 and it includes a dress, collar and belt. Add a pair of fangs and you’re ready to go!

For kids, how about a toddler vampire costume (£8.99) or a skeleton t-shirt? (£6.29)

When you really don’t have the money to spend, or don’t have the time to look for a costume, a bit of face paint and comedy blood with any old fancy dress outfit will do – you could be a “dead” school girl/pirate/cheerleader/princess/movie character etc. Or plain black clothes and face paint equals zombie!

£20 and under:

If you don’t mind wearing a jumpsuit, this one-piece stretch skeleton costume is on sale for £16.19 and comes with the hood and gloves. For those who love a good DIY, you could always wear black joggers, a black tee, and draw the bones on yourself with white paint.

Scary isn’t necessarily my thing, but this fun neon skeleton is more cute than spooky with its tutu skirt and bright colours. Plus it’s only £19.29! And since it’s one piece you really don’t need anything else (other than shoes, obviously).

Loving this freak clown girl costume with its red and black colour scheme! (£13.49) Add your own wig and clown makeup to complete the look.

£30 and under:

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! This costume is amazing and comes in just under £25 (you’ll just need to add a wig or buy white hair paint).

Frankie’s Bride (£27.99) is another one on the prettier side of scary, with its lacy purple corset-style dress and choker.

If you’ve got a dry sense of humour, this Cereal Killer costume (£25.19) is for you! Wear it with your own top and trousers.

This Dapper Death costume includes quite a lot for the price (£21.59) – Cape, mask, gloves, hat with attached hair, mock shirt and ascot!



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