13 Feb

Written by Kayleigh on February 13, 2018

With being a stay at home mum, I’m always looking for ways I can make a few extra pennies. This can come in many forms from weighing in old clothes to collecting coupons and using cash backs sites but there’s something else I’ve been interested in giving a try for a while and that’s reselling.

I know a few people who do this full time and can earn as much as a full-time wage but I need to be more realistic. Getting to that point takes time and dedication and finding the item that sells for you.

What I mean is that after doing some research, I’ve discovered not everybody sells the same things. It seems where shoes and clothes may sell for one person they don’t for the next and where DVD and toys sell for one person they may not sell for another.

It’s all about finding that item that sells well for you. This can help reduce your outgoing costs on items that you could end up stuck with as they won’t sell.

The other thing I need to recognise is the time it takes for things to sell. It’s not going to happen instantly and for some items you may have them for a few months before finally getting that sale.

At the moment I haven’t had to source stock as between my house and my mums we have plenty so currently what sells is just profit.

One of the hurdles I’ve encountered so far is on one auction site, I’m restricted to just 10 listings a month until I build up a good seller rating. My buyer rating is top notch so hopefully it won’t take long.

This does mean I have to look at other selling sites to list items. Shpock is great. It’s free to list and there’s no limits.

I prefer it to Gumtree as last time I used that I was getting some rather strange and inappropriate messages but so far Shpock seems to be great.

In the week since I started I’ve made a grand total of £104 from items around the house I no longer want so it’s not all bad. I’m going to keep going and see what happens. This might become my new side hustle.

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