26 Apr

Written by Kayleigh on April 26, 2018

For the longest time I haven’t been couponing and honestly, I miss it.

I’m not sure why I decided to have a break. I think the lack of coupons and the hassle you get in store, along with switching to reduce to clear items seemed to just take me down a different path but that’s all going to change and I’ve found my couponing mojo again.

What restores my faith again was some pampers coupons I received for getting a place on a nappy pants product trial. I applied a few weeks ago for one of the 5000 places and to my surprise I was accepted, and I sat back and waited for my product pack to arrive.

I was just expecting a pack of nappies to try but to my surprise upon opening the box there was a sheet of eight coupons looking at me each valued for £2 off a pack of nappies pants.

Currently there’s a baby event on at Asda and the pampers nappy pants are on offer for just £3.75 instead of £7 which is a fantastic offer anyway but then you add in an extra £2 off each pack making them just £1.75.

I brought 8 packs totalling just £14 instead of £56 when not on offer. The smooth sailing through the till and the brilliant saving has restored my faith in couponing and I’ve found my groove again.

I’m busy collecting coupons for an evening coupon trip as it’s quieter and easier getting through the tills and I’m so excited.

I’ve got money off washing powder, fabric conditioner, dog food, fruit squash and many many more. I’m currently filming it all for my YouTube channel so everyone can see where I get the coupons and how I use them correctly.

Fingers crossed for a smooth checkout and look out for a future post on whether I achieved my mission.

If you’re new to couponing, here are a few of my tips on getting started:

Knowing where to find coupons
To do a coupon shop you obviously need coupons. Websites like static.promotionalcodes.org.uk/blog are great for finding all the current available coupons.

Planning your shop
Once you have your coupons then it’s time to plan and organise your shop so you know exactly what you’re getting, how much your items are and how much out of pocket you will have to pay.

Make sure you have a clear breakdown list with you at the till and make sure you watch the items scan and the coupons scan so you know it’s all going through. If you have your breakdown with you then it’s easy to refer to.

Once you’re in-store
Collect your items, checking prices against your breakdown, double check your coupons are in order and head to a till. Try and chose a till with either no queue or a small queue and if anyone joins behind you politely inform them that you have coupons to use. This way they are aware and can chose whether to move to another till or stay behind you.

I find that doing coupon shops in the early evening or at night is a lot less stressful and easier on other shoppers.

Keep a close eye that items are scanning at the correct price and once you hand over your coupons check that they are all scanning at the correct value and that none are missed. If all goes to plan, then all you have to do is pay the remaining balance and off you go.

Encountering issues
At some point in your couponing adventures you will encounter issues. Tills rejecting coupons and staff not knowing policy are a few. Make sure you know the stores coupon policy, that you have stuck to the wording on the coupon and you have the correct item. If you have stuck to it correctly and you are still having issues, then either speak to a manager to get it resolved or contact head office to get things clarified.

Never feel embarrassed
One of the biggest things I’ve found that puts people off is embarrassment when you have coupon issues and being judged by other shoppers.
When you’re walking out of the store with that trolley full of goodies that you have paid next to nothing for allow yourself to feel that sense of achievement. The worry of being judged will soon disappear.

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