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Written by Kayleigh on July 9, 2018

Anyone with kids of school age will know the panic of a last-minute party invite – and I had just that when dropping my son off at playschool on Friday.

I was handed a party invite for him and told that it was soon. Smiling I replied; “Thank you, I’m sure it will be fine.” I got in the car and opened it up and discovered it was not only soon but two days later on Sunday.

Now for parents on a budget surprise invites like these can cause a whole load of stress. You don’t want your child to miss out or for the birthday girl or boy to be disappointed when their friend doesn’t attend. But the pressure of having to come up with a present, card and wrapping paper when you just don’t have the budget can be too much.

However, there’s no need to panic and with this simple tip these last-minute invites will become a breeze. It couldn’t be any simpler. The answer is to stockpile.

I say stockpile a lot but honestly it really is the answer to so much and when you are on a budget it can be a lifesaver. Short on cash one week or mis-budgeted? You don’t have to worry just check your stock pile and the same applies to birthday presents and cards.

Places like Card Factory often do 10 cards for £1 and Asda do a whole range of 50p cards. Even The Works do boxes of assorted plain birthday cards for £1 a box. These are brilliant to bulk buy and store on your stockpile for just such an occasion. That’s the card sorted now what about the present?

The best time to pick up little gifts is in the sales. Set yourself a budget, I usually go with £5 all in for card present and wrapping. I know that doesn’t sound a lot, but toys now are expensive and it’s the thought that counts not the quantity of the toy.

However, picking toys up in the sales will allow you to get bigger and more expensive presents and still stick within your budget. Have a dedicated box on your stockpile for little gifts you find and top it up as and when you find great deals. Every time an invite appears you can go to your box and pick out a suitable little prezzie and a card to go with it.

Gift bags are a great idea and the majority of them are reused by others. You can pick them up cheap in places like Poundland and The Card Factory, choose a selection and then add them to your stockpile.

You can even keep any that are gifted to you and the kids to reuse for others. It not only saves you money but it also cuts down on the waste of wrapping paper and saves a perfectly good gift bag from the bin.

Follow these simple steps and over time you will build up a nice little collection ready for any surprise invites that come your way.

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