18 May

Written by Sean McColgan on May 18, 2011

How much did the PSN outage cost Sony? With 77 million accounts details compromised and a reported $318 per record attached for the third party security firm alone, Sony are looking at a bill of $24.5 billion. If you add that to the recently announced customer compensation package and the revenues from the network itself, then the result is one expensive headache for Sony.

The Real Cost of Sony’s Network Outage (Click to Enlarge)

The Real Cost of Sony's Network Outage

The servers may be up, but the effect of the hack is still in full force. Among other things, Japan announced they will not be allowing Sony to bring the PlayStation back online in its home country until their demands are met. Lastly – and possibly even most importantly – the PlayStation brand itself has taken a major hit.

Will Sony be able to recover from what has been the biggest hit to its reputation in the companies lifetime?


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    Cynthia Leighton
    May 24th, 2011

    What about the cost to consumers who had their data stolen and used harmfully?

  2. 1

    May 23rd, 2011

    Oh no, think of the children!

    OK, so the outage in itself is bad, and the data leak is a goddamn tragedy. But adding the fact that an 8 year old kid can’t play Call of Duty as a cost, WTF?

    Hey, grandfather of the year: Last time I checked CoD had at least a 16 year age restriction, some of them (MWx) 18. And that age restriction is there for a reason.

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