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Written by Kathryn Vercillo on June 4, 2011

Is it about time for you to get a new home computer? This can be a large expense that families today aren’t prepared for. And yet, with computers in the home being such a valuable resource it may be necessary to upgrade even though it can be costly. One way to reduce the cost is to build your own PC. Computer Active recently had a terrific article showing customers how to build a fast PC for just £150.

Some of the tips that are offered in the article include:

  • Keep your old keyboard, mouse and monitor. There is usually no need to update these things and replacing them is expensive.
  • Select an affordable case that comes with the Power Supply Unit included. Shop around to get the best price. You should be able to find a good one for under £25.
  • Choose a good low-cost processor that offers a lot of cache memory. Getting the cheapest processor doesn’t make sense because it won’t have enough cache memory but you should be able to find a good one for around £25.
  • Shop around to get the perfect memory chip. You want a DIMM chip that has at least 2GB of memory. You should be able to find it for less than £25.
  • Invest in a motherboard that has good sound, graphics and memory. Make sure that it works with the processor and memory that you selected. The price should be around £35.
  • Compare prices on hard disks. You want to get one that is at least 160GB (but probably 250 GB is better) with a 3.5″ case designed to fit desktop computers. This should cost around £25 for the lower GB model.
  • Add a DCD Drive. It costs less than £15 and gives you added functionality that you will need with your computer.

The DIY route is often the best way to save money on the things that you need. Don’t be intimidated – build your own PC!

see original Computer Active article

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