17 Nov

Written by Lizzie on November 17, 2011

Ah that age old question, what do you buy a Tweetaholic for Christmas? Sometimes it’s hard to please those with the social media know-how but fear not, we’ve put together a list of festive gift ideas to solve your present buying problems. These items, ranging from the cute to the crazy, are guaranteed to fit every kind of Tweeter or Facebooker whatever their personality.

I think we all have that one friend who is glued to Facebook, don’t we? They update their status constantly, comment on every photo, does their little face pop up next to that thumbs up sign at every opportunity? Head over to Gadgets.co.uk and pick up their “Facebook Like Mugs” and provide your friends with the physical equivalent to clicking the “like” button while they make their morning cuppa.

Fast becoming the most commonly used punctuation marks around for the internet generation, the @ and the # are regular features in most Tweeter’s lives. Help your Twitter crazy friends show a subtle sign to those in the know by gifting them these earrings from Etsy.

Know someone who regularly says “that is comedy gold”, “I should be a writer” or something similar when they hit the tweet button? If someone you know deserves more recognition for their tweets, or thinks they do, we have the answer: make them a published author! Tweetbookz take 200 recent tweets and convert them into bookform. What better gift is there than to be immortalised in print?

On the web there’s a new mammal on the block who’s gaining a serious following. Who am I talking about? The Twitter Fail Whale of course! Over at Etsy he’s been converted into a useful house hold accessory – there is surely nowhere better to put your tissues than this Whale Tissue Holder.

Those creative folk over at Survival of the Hippest make personalised silver and gold necklaces, bracelets, keyrings, pins and tie-clips so you can show off your love for Twitter as part of your outfit. If you know someone who loves Twitter that much, get them their own username, their favourite tweeter or their hashtag of choice for Christmas. #Win!

Perhaps the strangest in the bunch, you could go for something completely different and buy a lady tweeter you know these Follow Me Tattoo Stockings from Etsy. Guaranteed to get a laugh and definitely boost your following, these stockings add a fun and flirty edge to festive outfits or costumes.

Finally, if none of the above fit the bill, add some serious cuteness to Christmas with this Twitter plushie. This little guy is an adorable nod to its owner’s favourite social network and will always be their number one follower!

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