02 Dec

Written by Kristin on December 2, 2011

Now that it’s officially December and the holiday shopping season is here, we’re all on the lookout for fun little prezzies that don’t cost loads. If you’re looking for a little gift or stocking filler for the techie in your life, Totally Funky has a pretty fantastic idea, and even better, it’s just £4.99!

If you’ve ever tried to watch a video on your smartphone or MP3 player, you probably understand how annoying it can be to hold it or prop it up the whole time whilst watching. These cupid wings solve the problem by sticking to the back of your device to act like a stand; just prop up your phone or player on a flat surface and watch away! It works especially well for placing your smartphone on airplane tray tables in those situations where you don’t have a seatback telly.

If you know someone who travels frequently or just likes to watch films on their phone, pick one of these babies up and help them enjoy technology in a whole new way. At five quid, you might as well treat yourself, too!


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