09 Jul

Written by Captain Frugal on July 9, 2008

 Weekly frugal roundup

As you know I’m a money saving freak, I read all the best frugal blogs and here are the best posts from this week:

Ten Tactics for Improving Your Luck
Money saving is not about being lucky, but if you are lucky you have a better chance of saving or even making money. This post gives some good advice on how to make your own luck rather than waiting for it to happen to you.

75 tips for surviving a tough economy
Times are tough, the economy is not in a great state so this article is essential reading. As the title says there are 75 good money saving ideas.

Saving 15 Cents a Gallon on Gas – Plus Doubling Our Savings at the Pump
Petrol / gas prices are sky high, i think they are the highest they have ever been, damm the global economy! So this post is essential reading, it gives some useful ways to save money when filling up.

The Secret of Personal Finances Revealed
Not sure these tips are secrets, they sound like common sense to me. But some people don’t have common sense so it’s worth going over them again.

The Golden Money List: Hundreds of Tips for Turning Your Financial Life Around
A very neat list of some great money saving resources. This should keep you busy for a while! 🙂 Enjoy.

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