09 Dec

Written by Kristin on December 9, 2011

All of us want to be in a festive mood this month, and now you can add a touch of cheer to even the most dreaded task … taking out the rubbish! These clever bags from I Want One of Those look like a Christmas pudding instead of boring old black bin bags and are perfect for adding some holiday fun to your house.

The box of 12 biodegradable plastic bags can serve dual purpose as well; how about using them to wrap large or bulky presents for the holidays? Or you could bring them when visiting family to transport all the gifts for the drive back instead of lugging loads of bags and boxes into your car. Bring one for each child and write their names on them to solve the dilemma of where everyone’s gifts are once you’re home – no one likes squabbling on Christmas, now do they?

At £5.99 they won’t make a dent in your holiday budget, and you’ll probably have some left over for next year as well. Just make sure your neighborhood’s trash collection service doesn’t require a special bag before using them, as you don’t want to end up with a bag of rubbish they won’t take!


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