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Written by Lizzie on February 20, 2012

According to psychologist Richard Wiseman there’s an 88% chance you failed to achieve your New Years Resolution this year. For a lot of you that resolution might have been to get healthy, eat better and maybe lose some weight. With a whopping 61% of UK adults medically overweight, it’s no surprise that people are starting to think about the way they live but the thing is, in real day-to-day life, we all know that there are so many factors keeping us from our optimum fitness levels. Not only is there the expense of a gym membership to think about, but it also gets dark early during the winter months making it difficult to go jogging in the evenings or before work. Also factor in time management, time spent with the kids and how easy it is to make the wrong dietary choices in today’s world and getting healthy seems like not only an uphill struggle, but a Mount Everest level climb.

With all that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some money-conscious purchases you could make to help exercising at home or on the go a lot easier. Gym membership? Pah! Who needs it!

Reebok EasyTones have been making a name for themselves since their release in 2010. Wear Easytones during your workout and more muscle groups in your calves, thighs and bum are activated giving you a more intense lower body workout. This boosts muscle tone and makes it easier to see results from the work you put in to getting fit. Though primarily a fitness shoe, Reebok EasyTones come in a number of different styles, from your traditional trainers to more trend conscious hi-top styles. This way you can wear them even when you’re not exercising, toning without effort! Pick your pair up from £35 at JD Sports with more styles available directly from Reebok. Of course, if you’re working up a sweat you’ll need to keep yourself hydrated. Keep yourself hydrated with this lightweight Elite Sport Water Bottle in various colours from Nike.

Sports equipment can often be bulky and expensive, so we have two compact and cheap options to help you shift some pounds without leaving the comfort of your living room. Kettle Bell workouts are the latest craze in the home-fitness world, having had major success in the USA. Pick up one of the many DVDs currently hitting the shelves and increase your strength and agility in less time. Being heralded as one of the best and most efficient ways to boost fitness levels, a kettle bell may well be your fast-track ticket to better mobility, strength and full-body conditioning. Start off light with this Reebok 2.5kg Kettle Bell from SuperFit and start your simultaneously aerobic and anaerobic workout, burning major calories as your strength increases and you work up to higher weights. If weight lifting is a bit high impact for you, try something a bit gentler with the Reebok Mini Trampoline. This light weight but strong piece of equipment is a great way to work out without putting any real stress on your joints and is therefore great for beginners or those coming back from sporting injuries. Easy to fit around your day to day activities, especially if you have a lack of space, you can use the trampoline with small weights or a skipping rope to amp up the burn! Pick one up for £44.99.

Is eating healthy something you struggle with? For many home cooks eating well with high quality and nutritious ingredients isn’t a problem until they get out and about. Finding lunch when you are working can be difficult, sandwich stores on the high street produce carbohydrate rich meals that contain hundreds of hidden calories. Not only that but eating for under a fiver can be difficult. We don’t always have time to pack a homemade salad or sandwich so it’s important to be on the look-out for healthy meal options to nom down while you’re at your desk. That’s why The City Kitchen have made their “The Skinny One” pots. At only 350 calories each, the Skinny One comes in four flavours to suit all tastes. With protein, carbohydate and vegetables, The Skinny One has everything you need to stay sustained and focused as you work. Gone will be the post-lunch lull and your waistline will benefit too! You can pick up The Skinny One at Tesco now for £3 per pot!

If you’re a yoga enthusiast it can be difficult to fit your stress busting sessions in around a busy schedule. Carting a yoga mat around can be taxing, that’s why Yoga-Paws are the perfect accessory. Simply slip them on to your hands and feet and they give you all the grip you need to practice yoga anywhere. No longer will you be batting people in the face with your rolled up mat on the tube or bus – simply wip your paws out and get your workout on wherever you are. You can’t beat that for convenience! You may also want to pick up the YogaMad Yoga Block available for £6 from Sweaty Betty. It’s a lightweight, foam accessory to assist with those difficult positions. Scratch-resistant and light enough to carry in your bag, pack it with a pair of Yoga-Paws and you’re always ready for a downward facing dog!

With this list of money, calorie, space and time busting items there really isn’t any excuse not to get your sweat on. Although we can’t deny that exercise and healthy living does need to be a part of our lives, luckily you don’t have to give too much up to make room.

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