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Written by Lizzie on February 23, 2012

In the video gaming industry Casual Gamers are people who, although they like to dabble in the world of consoles a little, tend to have limited patience for gaming, usually due to a lack of time or interest. These guys tend to flirt with games that might be designed for easier gameplay, and tend to be (but aren’t limited to) people older than your average gamer and often female.

If you’re thinking “Hey! That’s me!” and you’re looking to expand your gaming repertoire but still want to keep things simple, we’ve put together a list of our favourite games that we think might float your boat. Each of these games are easy to dip in and out of, and no mad skillz are necessary (although always a bonus!) so even if gaming fever hasn’t quite got you there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself. Just get your hands on one of these!

Little Big Planet 2 – a game available on PlayStation 3, Little Big Planet 2 follows the adventures of Sackboy, a cute little guy who you can dress and decorate as you please. Little Big Planet 2 allows users to play existing levels as well as creating, customizing and sharing their own with other players. Run around the planet completing challenges, helping people out and leaving your stamps everywhere, this is a super creative platform game with races, puzzles and role-playing. Better yet, it’s voiced by Stephen Fry!

The Sims 3 – The third incarnation of this popular game from EA. Create your own households and help your Sims go about carving out a life for themselves. Whether you help them to become globe-dominating rock stars, world-class athletes or slackers working at their local book store, your Sims can develop up to 60 character traits and interact with their housemates, families and neighbours to become the coolest kids on the block. Available on multiple platforms (including an app on the iPhone!) and with countless expansion packs to add more fun stuff to your gaming experience, the Sims is a great way to while away a few hours.Just don’t get it confused with real life!

Mario Kart – Available for Nintendo DS or Wii, Mario Kart is the racing game for people who don’t really like racing games. Considerably more colourful than it’s counterparts, Mario Kart features countless tracks to explore with your favourite Nintendo characters. With multiplayer options gamers can play by themselves or against friends and family. Not only that, but they can also log on through a broadband or wireless connection and race against players all over the world. Guaranteed to provide hours of fun and laughs, Mario Kart is a great investment for those with limited time – it’s also great at a party!

Portal 2 – Available for PC, PS3, Mac and Xbox 360, Portal 2 is an award-winning game with a worldwide cult following. Fundamentally a puzzle based game, those who are logical and love a brain bender are sure to have a ball with it. It’s important to say though, the game is also part adventure and has been praised for its music, humour and emotive power, so even if puzzles don’t usually do it for you, this game is multidimensional. Play alone or on multiplayer mode and make your way through a well thought-out story arc with an impressive beginning, middle and end.

Guitar Hero – Perfect for individual gameplay or multiplayer, Guitar Hero is hours of fun where you can learn to play hundreds of the best known songs in the world. Unlock songs, costumes, guitars and more as your progress through the game, completing songs and defeating guitar legends (think Slash and Tom Morello) in guitar battles. Fun for all the family and brilliant in a party situation, gameplay is inclusive because anyone can sing along while the song is played. Progress through multiple levels to become an expert. Start by purchasing a guitar + game bundle available across many platforms and then purchase new versions for more songs as and when you fancy it! Warning: may trigger serious rock star behaviour.


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