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Written by Lizzie on March 6, 2012

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If the 18th March is snarling at you like a hungry polar bear it may seem like there’s no escape, but no fear – we can help! it’s time to get your hands on a gift for the special lady in your life. If your mum is the ruddy-cheeked, pastry rolling type, or if she simply enjoys having nice things in the kitchen, then these are the gifts for her. Whatever your budget we have a gift to keep your favourite cook happy . Put the flowers and chocolates aside, here’s our Mother’s Day gift guide full of items that don’t come along every day.

1. Personalised ‘Signature Dish’ Print by Betsy Benn £40 When you were little was there something your mum used to make whenever you scraped your knee or got full marks on your spelling test? Get the “Signature Dish” Print via Not on the High Street and make sure the recipe stays around for years to come. Simply type up the recipe, choose your colour and size and a personal tribute to mum filled with childhood nostalgia is yours. Choose to buy it framed or not. Our top choice for a really special gift.

2. Orla Kiely Multistem Casserole £60 No one knows better than mum that kitchenware must be practical and pretty. Womenswear designer Orla Kiely brings her gorgeous prints to a selection of cookware which will produce delicious meals and take pride of place at the table. The dish is microwave and dishwasher safe too!

3. Orla Kiely Teapot Poppy Meadow Blue £55 Another beautiful but functional product from the Orla Kiely range, this Poppy teapot is a classic yet modern edition to any home. If you ever needed a promise of a hot, steaming cup of tea at mum’s house, this will secure it.

4. KitchenAid Food Mixer £419 Ok so for most budding Bakerella’s this is the stuff dreams are made of. But if you do happen to have a HUGE budget, you can get your hands on a KitchenAid mixer at Kitchen Science. This takes the work out of baking and it comes in a million pretty pastels and metallics. You can match it to your outfit! And, well, if it’s good enough for the Great British Bake-off, it’s good enough for mum.

5. I Love Mum Mirror £4.99 Even the most seasoned of cooks leave the kitchen sometimes. To make sure she doesn’t come to the table with flour on her nose buy your mum this hand-held embroidered mirror. It may be a budget option but it says a lot. Everytime she uses it she’ll think of you – her favourite child!

6. Small Ceramic Milk Carton Jug £4.99 If the thought of an unsightly Tesco label on show in the fridge door is something that makes your mum shudder, buy her this Milk Carton Jug to add a classy touch. Looks great whether it’s in the fridge or on the table. This is our budget pick.

7. “My Kitchen is for Dancing” Apron £19.75 Not on the High Street seller The Joy of Ex Foundation sells glorious designs on aprons, tote bags, cushions and more featuring witty statements like “My Book Club only read Wine Labels” and “I can hear a Chocolate Foil from 100 Yards”. If tapping her foot while Rod Stewart croons or shaking it to Radio 2 is your mum’s thing (or perhaps she’s a bit cooler than that!) then the “My Kitchen is for Dancing” apron is THE item for her to wear while she’s feeding the masses. In a similar vein, try this “Time to Drink Champagne and Dance on the Tables” print £12.50.

8. Ceramic Tulip Egg Cups £3.99 These pretty, simple egg cups are an absolute steal for under a fiver. Functional and cute, they’ll work well for Easter too.

Worth a mention: Take a culinary inclination to other parts of the house with these gorgeous Ceramic Tea Pot Spout Hooks £16. Use them to hang jewellery, coats, garden utensils and more!

If your mum doesn’t know her spaghetti spoon from her fish slice, fear not. We have a Mother’s Day gift guide coming each day this week so you can rest easy ahead of the Big Day.

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