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Written by Lizzie on April 3, 2012

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No time to plan the Egg Hunt? Still pondering what to cook? Wondering how to spruce the place up a little without shelling out for expensive decorations? Well I’ve got the answer… DIY, and it’s not as bad as you think, I promise!

Many people think crafting and cooking from scratch takes time and money that most people simply do not have. I’m here to show you that doesn’t have to be the case. I’ve rounded up my favourite Easter DIYs on the net and no matter what your skill set, budget or time frame, you can definitely get at least one of them done. Better yet you’ll have the pleasure of knowing you did it all yourself! From edible delights to quick fixes, here are the ideas I’m planning on.

Decorated Eggs Painting eggs can be time consuming and challenging if your skills with a paint brush aren’t too hot. There are any number of ways you can dress the little fellas to impress without an art a-level under your belt. If the kitchen is more your area, this method of decorating from the Food Network might be of interest – pretty, all natural and most important of all… easy! Try paper craft instead with this easy tutorial from Lemon Tree Creations. If you’re feeling more ambitious, try these Colourful Canvas Eggs form Alisa Burke. For more ideas checkout the Readers Digest for some cute ideas – I’m planning on trying the “Zoo-egg-ology” lot with natural dyes and scraps of coloured paper!

Minimum Effort Maximum Satisfaction Really short on time? There’s still plenty you can do to make the place a little more Easter-tastic. Utilise the creativity of others willing to share to make the place ready for Spring. There are thousands of free printables out there to help you in minutes as long as you access to a working printer and you’re handy with a pair of scissors. Rifle through this huge collection from Catch My Party or print off these Egg Hunt signs at Embellish and Design Editor for your kids to enjoy on their Sunday morning quest for chocolate. You’ll look like a creative goddess! Put in a little more effort and you could end up with these Bunny Envelopes to store treats in from Martha Stewart. You can get your kids to make their mark by getting them to decorate their very own Bunny Mask.

Table Touches Start by using some of the decorated eggs you made earlier in a vase as the perfect accompaniment to anything from simple spring-like daffodils to an ornate bouquet. For less effort, fill a glass half way with jelly beans – a colourful base for standalone flowers or arrangements. Use single blooms (a lilly head or a daffodil) in egg-cups and dot them around the table for an easy detail. Also easy are colourful cupcake cases filled with chocolate eggs or small sweets. Place them on top of paper petals to create flowers a la Martha Stewart. If you’re really feeling adventurous let Good Housekeeping teach you how to fold a bunny napkin!

Good with a needle & thread? If you’re handy with some cotton and you have an overflowing scraps box or some old clothes lying around, these next ideas are for you. They may take a bit of time but they’re still pretty quick and if you have an hour to spare before the weekend you can definitely get these babies sorted. Elsie Marley has very cute tutorial for you on how to make use of any old baby socks you have lying around, and if that doesn’t do it for you, pay attention to detail with these gorgeous bunny finger puppets from The Purl Bee. She has hand puppet versions and basic felt egg baskets to try to! Lastly, over at 5 Little Crafty Birdies they’ve given some old, cheesy placemats a make-over and made them into adorable rucksacks for the kids on their hut. Cute attack!

Edible delights Whether you’re a near-pro or a complete beginner when it comes to baking and cooking, there’s definitely something to be done for Easter. Why not challenge yourself with these Easter Basket Cupcakes from Bakerella? Just be sure to set aside plenty of time and a little cash and they’ll be the perfect finishing touch to lunch or great with afternoon tea. If you’re not quite at that standard yet, do not fear. Here’s three simple no-bake recipes for yummy treats courtesy of Kitchen Simplicity. If you’re cooking, keep the flavours fresh and springlike with lemon, mint, new potatoes, peas, aparagus and more. I’ll be rustling up this Roast Lamb with Spring Herb Crumbs comes Sunday lunch. And if cutesy is the way you want to go, try these Chick Marshmallows (basic) or these Bunny Cakepops (difficult), they really can’t be beated for “aww” factor.

If that’s not enough inspiration for you, get Googling. There’s a minefield of creative cats out there who can help you to transform your weekend. Inspiration site Pinterest is a great source of ideas for DIY crafting so whether you use these ideas or those found elsewhere, jump on the handmade bandwagon and come Sunday you’ll feel like you’ve earned that chocolate egg… or four.

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