11 Apr

Written by Kristin on April 11, 2012

Most of us will agree that shopping for jeans ranks up there with swimsuits when it comes to least favourite shopping experiences. You’ll try on pair after pair in the same size, and one will be hanging off your bum, another too tight in the waist, and yet another much too long. Eventually you’ll give up and leave the store with nothing (and in a terrible mood on top of things), then try buying a pair online only to return them. Why are good jeans so difficult to find?

As a general rule, a dark bootcut style will flatter nearly any shape, but take a look for your body type to find some more tips and style ideas along with places to shop. Buying jeans doesn’t have to be (too) painful, I promise!

Tall: An elongated trouser style looks great on tall women; avoid styles like capris or ankle length jeans (which usually means far above the ankle for you) that visually cut off your legs. Look for brands that carry longer inseams to avoid that “my jeans shrunk up in the dryer” look. Fortunately you can find tall-length jeans for a bargain at high street retailers like Dorothy Perkins, or visit Tallgirls.co.uk, a site that offers jeans in up to a 38” leg.

Petite: Don’t go for floor-grazing wide legged styles that will swallow you up; cropped styles work well on you, or skinny jeans that hit right at the ankle. Look for jeans that come in short inseams or petite sizes so you don’t have to make repeated trips to the tailor, and stay away from high-waisted styles. Wallis carries a good variety of petite-length jeans, or check out a specialist shop like Petite Affair.

Curvy: A nice dark blue or black jean with clean lines (avoid fussy detailing) looks best on plus-size women, and a boot-cut leg balances out larger hips. A higher waist also offsets a larger frame. Obviously we want to avoid overly tight styles, but don’t go the super baggy route either. Check out stores like Evans or Simply Be for jeans tailored to plus sizes.

Skinny: Keep an eye out for jeans with fading or contrast stitching to create the illusion of curves. Avoid too-tight styles that will only make your legs look thinner; if you’re wearing something like a jegging for example, be sure to pair it with a longer tunic-like top to balance out the skinny look. Although on the pricey side, you can’t go wrong with a pair of faded bootcut J Brands with whiskered detail on the hips (Jules B; £214.99).

Flat bum: Pockets with detailing add visual interest to your less curvy areas; also look for jeans with a bit of stretch so they don’t look baggy on your bottom. Women with not much in the bum department also can wear a tighter pair of jeans without looking tarty, and baggy jeans do nothing for an already flat rear. Try this rhinestone-embellished pair with flap pockets to draw more attention to your derriere (Forever 21; £5.99).

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