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Written by Captain Frugal on August 1, 2008

How to save petrol

Every single day the price of gas has been going up in the last few months and it appears there is nothing anyone is doing about it. The UK now have the 5th most expensive petrol prices in the world! Besides whining about the price of gas, there is something you can do to save money.

10 Quick Tips Which Will Save you Petrol:

  1. Read our previous post “30 Smart Ways to Save Petrol“.
  2. Get rid of your SUV. These gas guzzlers are the dying breed. Get yourself a small sized car which will give you better mileage and more savings over time.
  3. Drive slowly, over speeding and putting the foot on the pedal only consumes more gas.
  4. Get your car serviced and ensure that basic maintenance has been done. Check to ensure that the air pressure in the tires is adequate. Tires with less air generally are less efficient. A tire with more air uses less fuel but does give a slightly, more bumpy ride.
  5. If you need to go any short distance, use your bike or walk. Not only is walking and biking cheaper, but they are also healthy.
  6. Empty the boot, every bit of extra weight uses up extra petrol.
  7. Surf the net and find out where the cheapest petrol is in your neighborhood, try petrolprices.com
  8. Car pool to go to work. This will save you money and hopefully make new friends
  9. Try and use the car only when needed. Combine as many activities as you can on one single trip.
  10. Finally, it that doesn’t work move to Venezuela where petrol is an amazing $0.12 per gallon?!



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    January 26th, 2010

    use horse riding, horse vehicle etc. save fuel

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    a struggling blogger
    September 17th, 2008

    a very nice share:) I have my own sharing on petrol saving as well in my blog..

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