30 May

Written by Kristin on May 30, 2012

Once warm weather comes around, I’m not always in the mood for my morning tea. Lately I’ve been on a smoothie kick, and in a minute or so you can have a healthy, fruit-filled drink. The beauty of the smoothie is you really can’t go wrong! I rarely use a recipe anymore and just grab my blender and toss in whatever fruit I happen to have on hand, making up the recipe along the way.

All you need to make a fantastic smoothie is some fruit and/or veg (either fresh or frozen), yoghurt, ice (if you’re not using frozen fruit) and some juice, which is totally optional. You also can add extras like protein powder or wheatgerm to amp up the health factor. I typically just use frozen fruit and a cup of yoghurt, and since the fruit is frozen, there’s no need to add any ice.

Here are five of my favourite smoothie recipes, both from proper chefs and smoothies I’ve created in my own “test kitchen.”

A great one from American chef Paula Deen is “Jack’s Favourite Smoothie.” It features frozen pineapple, apple juice, greek yoghurt, banana and some frozen mixed berries. So refreshing!

Jamie Oliver’s fruit smoothie is super healthy and delicious, although a bit more complicated to prepare as it requires skinning and chopping fresh mangoes. Of course, you could always go frozen for the mango and eliminate the ice cubes from this recipe.

Another healthy smoothie is the power shake from BBC’s Celia Brooks Brown. Packed with fruit, almonds, honey, wheatgerm, juice, yoghurt and cinnamon, it will definitely get your day off to fab start!

One of my personal creations is the Nutella, banana and peanut butter smoothie. I suppose it’s more like a shake almost, but all you have to do is throw in some frozen banana, a few spoonfuls of peanut butter, and a generous dollup of Nutella, then a cup of yogurt and blend away. Maybe not the healthiest, but at least you’re getting some good protein from the peanut butter!

One of my go-to smoothies when I want to make something fast is the strawberry and banana smoothie or the berry banana smoothie. All it requires is tossing some frozen berries, fresh bananas and a cup of yoghurt in the blender – simple and tasty! If I’m feeling ambitious, I may include some frozen veg like broccoli or carrots as well (you really can’t taste it!)


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