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Written by Lizzie on June 21, 2012

Whether you’re planning a 2 week bonanza over seas this summer or simple a weekend out of town, there are certain items that’ll make your trip a little easier. Pack smart and you’re guaranteed to get the most from your time away and return home tranquil and rested, ready to err… get back to work. These are my must-haves for all trips away.

Pretty Passport Covers & Luggage Tags make getting from A to B much cuter. A passport cover keeps your overseas essential safe from spills and an eye-catching pattern or print makes it a lot easier to find in a oversized handbag. Better yet, it’ll defend against pesky pick-pockets! Having a prewritten and attached luggage tag saves time at check-in and it also makes your case easy to spot when it comes out on the conveyor belt. Plus, if (heaven forbid) your case does go missing in transit, making sure your luggage is clearly marked with an address on a durable tag will definitely help you get your items back safely!

100ml Bottles are a simple way to save space when you’re packing. Toiletries can take up a lot of room in a standard size suitcase so decanting into small containers is a really clever idea. Use 100ml bottles to carry essentials in your hand luggage such as handcream, moisturiser and make-up remover. According to world renowned make-up artist Lisa Eldridge (click the link for her guide to in-flight beauty), these beauty basics can be really helpful on long haul flights. 100ml bottles can also be used for medicines and cleaning products too. These Muji bottles come with a variety of lids to make using easy, plus they’re only £1.95! Check Muji out for small tubs and pouches too.

Carrying a Large Tote Bag means that you’re bound to fit all your travel necessities in with ease. One bag means no faffing around in the overhead locker to find what you’re after and no need to choose between a book or your iPad for the flight – there’s room for both! A large tote has serious multi-tasking ability. It can double as a piece of luggage, a handy shopping bag for when you hit the local market, and it can be your faithful beachside companion. This Topshop treat comes in at £25 and is bright, big and bang on trend. Plus, you’ll still be using it when you get home!

A nourishing Lip Balm is definitely a travel, if not life, necessity. On holiday, there are any number of reasons why your skin and lips can end up drying out, making the post-holiday slump even harder to deal with. Be sure to keep them hydrated on flights, as the air-con can really take it’s toll. If you’re in the sun, use an SPF to protect during the day and apply a balm at night to keep your lips in great shape. The latest cult item in the beauty blogging world is the NUXE Reve de Miel Baume Levres Ultra-Nourrissant Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm (long name, huh?) and with a lasting power of around 5 hours, looking after your skin doesn’t have to be a drag.

This Travel Washbag from Muji is the most practical way to pack your beauty and toiletries essentials. With a handy hook for hanging on the back of your hotel bathroom door, this bag makes it super easy to see everything you have so you don’t need to rifle through to find what you need. It also holds each item in place with elastic sections for storing individual bottles without risk of them moving or spilling. Handy mesh zip-up sections means it’ll fit tonnes in and still wrap up to a compact, square package in your suitcase. And, it’s only £11.95!

A simple Sleep Mask can make a good night’s sleep possible wherever you are. If you are a sensitive sleeper, not being able to control the variables of your sleeping environment can be tough. A Sleep Mask can block out light so you can rest easy, whether it’s in your hotel room with the bright sun rising just outside the window, or on the plane on the way over. If your skin is suffering or your eyes are feeling sensitive from new products, sun cream or the sun itself, load up on cooling eye cream or slices of cucumber and slip on the mask – it’ll work wonders and you’ll be beach ready again in just a few hours.

Shoe Bags for your suitcase are a good investment, especially if you’re planning an active or exotic holiday. Packing your shoes away from your clothes and toiletries means that everything stays fresh, clean and it’s easy to compartmentalise your suitcase for more efficient packing. Pick these up in black or white from Pixmania for just £7. Treat your under garments with the same respect using this bag from Marks and Spencer, and make unpacking easy with this handy laundry bag.

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