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Written by Kristin on June 22, 2012

If you’re just headed to the beach and don’t plan on any long walks around town, then any sandal will really do for your holiday. But if you’re like me and take holidays where you’re doing extensive walking and touring all day, then packing requires a bit more thought.

Trust me, you don’t wind up with painful feet and have it ruin the trip! New Orleans weather is hot and steamy, so I wore a summer dress every day on holiday and therefore, trainers didn’t quite complete the look. Instead I chose to bring a few different pairs of sturdy leather sandals (no flip flops, people! They’ve got absolutely no arch support). Unfortunately, since my sandals have been worn in on many travels, my feet were still aching at the end of each day and I honestly found myself wishing I’d packed differently so I could just wear some comfortable trainers.

This sent me on a quest to find some stylish but comfortable sandals that would hold up to extensive walking on holiday without totally sacrificing on style. Here are my five picks:

Merrell Siena Sandals (Fitness Footwear; £54.95) My Merrell waterproof leather boots I bought last winter are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, so I looked to Merrell first for a good summer walking shoe. I like this one because it’s not a big, clunky mannish sport sandal and has good support and grip on the bottom. Plus, the neutral colour matches with nearly anything.

Scholl Dalkey Mule Sandal (Scholl; £65) Scholl is known for having comfy shoes, and this pair, available in black or red, features their “Gelactiv” technology to prevent foot fatigue. It also has a nice braided strap for added style factor and would easily go with a dress, shorts or a skirt.

Teva Kayenta Sandals (Cotswold Outdoor; £60) Teva makes great hiking sandals, but to be honest, some of their styles aren’t the most fashion forward. If you’re not going to be trekking through the mountains and you’re just looking for something to wear on a city break, the Kayenta sandal is a more feminine choice that will keep your feet feeling cosy all day.

Teva Tirra Thong (Teva; £45) I know I said that flip flops were a no-no, but these fall under the acceptable sort since they have great arch support. They’re built on the same platform as Teva’s sport sandals and have a pad in the heel for shock absorption, so the Tirras aren’t just another cheapo flat flip flop.

Skechers Bikers – Dream Weaver (Skechers; £45) I love Skechers and they’re great for affordable, comfortable shoes. Looking at their sandals, this pair jumped out at me because the style doesn’t scream pensioner, but it has all of the support that a proper walking sandal needs. They’re available in tan or dark brown to match all of your holiday looks.

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