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Written by Kathryn Vercillo on October 10, 2009

Do you love getting freebies? Who doesn’t?! We all like to get something for nothing whenever we can. Freebies come in many forms. We may get them by winning blog giveaways, by purchasing an item that comes with another item for free or by simply ordering freebies when they’re advertised to us through our favorite coupon sites. Freebies are a great way to get things that you might use without spending any money. But the fact of the matter is that a lot of the freebies that you get are probably items that you don’t really need or even want. What do you do with all of those freebies that you didn’t need in the first place? If you’re smart then you’ll use them to put cash in your pocket.

Here are ten ways to turn your freebies into cash:

1. Sell them online. The most obvious way to make money off of your freebies is to sell them as soon as you get them. The easiest way to sell them is online. You can sell them through ad sites like Craigslist, auction sites like eBay or through your own website. Of course, some items are marked “not for sale” or “not for resale” so you don’t want to resell those but there are plenty of items that you can get for free and then sell to make some cash. In fact, some people check out the “free” section of Craigslist to get items that they can quickly relist on the site for sale. Others scour yard sales late in the day and grab everything in the “free box” then list those items for sale on their websites. Get creative and you could turn your freebies into a profitable side business.

2. Sell them at a yard sale. Another place that you can sell your freebies is in your own backyard. If you’re the kind of person who hosts yard sales a few times each year then just save up your freebies and put them out along with the rest of your sale stuff. You probably won’t make much money off of them but you might make a little bit of pocket change.

3. Package them as a freebie with another item that you’re selling. Do you sell something else (or can you?) If so then you can make whatever you’re already selling more enticing by offering a freebie along with it. If you’re getting freebies yourself then you can just pass those freebies on. For example, let’s say that you have a business selling homemade soaps and you get your hands on some related freebies like shampoo or candles. Add one freebie to each of your soaps and offer your buyers a unique two-for-one deal that doesn’t cost you anything extra to create. You might even be able to get more freebies this way if you partner up with other people who want you to promote their products by packaging them with yours.

4. Start a gift basket business. If you really want to get active with selling freebies then you can start a creative gift basket business. You’ll have to work full time to collect as many freebies as possible and then to repackage them into unique gift baskets which you can then sell for a profit but if you like this sort of thing then it can be well worth your time.

5. Give them as gifts to friends and family. Perhaps you don’t want to go so far as to start a gift basket business. That doesn’t mean that your freebies can’t become gifts. Whether you package them into gift baskets or simply use them as stocking stuffers, your freebies can sometimes replace store-bought gifts for friends and family. This saves you the money that you would have spent at the store.

6. Affiliate promotion of freebies. People who are serious about making money from home with their freebies are frequently turning to affiliate programs that are specifically designed to help them do this. The way this works is that you locate online freebies and order them for yourself to make sure that they’re legit. Then you promote these freebies through a blog or website and use affiliate ads to make money off of that site. This is one of those “make money at home” deals that works really well for some people and doesn’t work at all for others but it could be worth a try if you like the idea of making money off of freebies at home.

7. Get paid to get freebies. A similar method that people are using to make money with freebies is to get involved in Freebie Trading. This is a system through which you get paid to complete online offers. In many cases, you receive a freebie which you then review or answer survey questions about in exchange for cash. This is another one of those deals that may or may not work for you; some people say that it’s legit and others say it’s a work-at-home scam. Try it with caution so that you make money instead of spending it when using this method of benefitting from freebies.

8. Do regular giveaways on your own blog. You can also use freebies as free giveaways to promote your own blog where you generate ad revenue. The more traffic that you get to your blog, the more likely it is that you’re going to make more profits in ad revenue. Giveaways on your site are likely to attract more traffic. By using your freebies as giveaway products, you increase your blog revenue without costing yourself any money.

9. Host a party selling off your free samples. This is a great way to get all of your friends together into one place and to make some money off of them in a fun way. You collect all of your freebies until you have enough for an at-home sale. Then you invite everyone over for snacks and a show. You demonstrate the different items that have for sale and watch your friends decide what they want. You could even turn it into a friendly auction to keep things interesting. This works particularly well if you have fun freebies like cosmetics and accessories.

10. Use them as part of a service that you offer or to decrease business costs. Finally, you have to remember that saving money is making money. Freebies always save you money if you use them in place of an item that you would otherwise pay to use. For example, if you get free laundry detergent then you’re saving on what you would buy at the store. However, it’s even better if you can use your freebies to defray your business costs. If you have a cleaning business then offset costs by using freebies to clean up in small areas of a customer’s home. If you do web work then see what kind of software freebies might benefit you. The more you save for your business, the better your bottom line looks at the end of the year.

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