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Written by Kathryn Vercillo on November 26, 2009

Most people are strapped for cash these days. Even if you’re excelling at living a frugal lifestyle, it’s a time of year when you could really stand to make some extra money. If you’ve already sold every excess item that you own and you’re already working more hours than you’d like to, you may wonder if there’s any way left to make some extra money. There is. You can sell your body. No, nobody’s recommending prostitution or illegally selling your kidneys on the black market. But there are some body parts and byproducts that you can legally sell for cash if you are so inclined.
The top body parts and byproducts to sell for extra money are:
Plasma. One of the easiest things for you to be able to sell for a little bit of extra spending money is your plasma. It used to be that you could sell your blood but now there’s really not a market for that. People donate their blood these days but they still sell their plasma.

Selling your plasma is similar to donating your blood in terms of the process that you go through to have the plasma removed from your body.A large needle is used to extract your blood from you and the plasma is filtered out. The process takes an hour or two of your time and can be done a few times each week. You don’t make a lot of money doing this but you can definitely get some extra spending money. Most plasma banks pay more for your repeat visits than for the first one. Rules about selling your plasma vary between different geographic locations but generally require that you be at least 18 years old, free of diseases that could be transmitted through your blood and healthy enough to handle having blood drawn.

Blood Platelets. Although a lot of people know about the option to sell their plasma, fewer people know that you can also sell the platelets that are in your blood. The process is very similar to the process of selling your plasma. The same places that buy your plasma will probably buy your platelets. You can sell these a bit less frequently than plasma; about once every two weeks in most places. It offers some nice extra pocket money and it goes to the good cause of helping out people who need it (like cancer patients).

Hair. If you have long hair then you actually have a hot commodity that you could sell for cash. The highest-quality wigs are made out of human hair and people will pay a lot of money to get this good stuff. You will have the best luck selling your hair if it’s untreated (in other words, it hasn’t been dyed), long and healthy. There are several different places where you can sell your hair. The great thing about this is that hair always grows back so you can’t have too many regrets about selling it and you can sell it again in the future if you liked the process.

Sperm. Men tend to have really mixed emotions about the idea of selling their sperm. On the one hand, this is a really easy way to make money. Some guys figure that they aren’t using the sperm anyway so they might as well sell it to the sperm bank and pocket some cash for it. Other guys feel just a little bit too weird about putting their DNA out there into the world. When you sell your sperm, you are helping a woman in need to create a child that she desires to have. But yes, you’re also putting your genes out there to make a baby that is never going to know you. So there are pros and cons here. The money is good but not great. It’s something that you can do repeatedly provided you meet the required conditions which can include rules about height/weight, health and various genetic characteristics.

Eggs. If men have mixed feelings about selling their sperm then you can imagine the complicated emotions that women go through when they think about selling their eggs. A lot of women do decide that this is a great way to make some extra cash though. The procedure that you have to go through is time-consuming and not easy but the payoff is a large sum of money. You can sell your eggs a few times in your lifetime provided that you start when you are young enough. This is the most profitable body part that women can sell but it is also the toughest one for a lot of women to give up.’

Breast Milk. If you have recently had a baby and are producing a lot of breast milk then you might have something else that you can sell. This varies a lot by geographic location. In some areas it is illegal to sell breast milk. Other areas don’t have overt laws against it but it’s generally considered taboo. That’s because a lot of the buyers of breast milk aren’t actually mothers who need it for their babies but men with a breast milk fetish. This isn’t the ideal way to make some extra money but it’s an option in some areas if you’re interested in it.

Space on your flesh. Did you know that you can serve as a walking billboard for companies that want to advertise their products or services? If you don’t mind a little bit of pain and the semi-permanency of tattoo art then you can make a decent bit of money off of selling your flesh in this manner. You sign up to get a tattoo from a company that pays you to advertise what they have to offer. You earn one-time or ongoing income from this. Technically you’re not even getting rid of any part of your body to make this money!

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