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Written by Kathryn Vercillo on November 25, 2009

How much money do you plan on spending on Christmas this year? If you add up all of your holiday spending then what would the total come out to? If you were to break down that spending what percentage would go to gifts, to decorations and to food and drinks for the Christmas season? Have you already spent more than you wanted to so far for Christmas 2009? And how do you think that your spending compares to what everyone else is spending this Christmas season?

According to a report by American Express, the average shopper is expected to spend approximately £468 on Christmas this year. That is broken down as follows:

£260 on Christmas presents and gifts for people for the holidays

£67 on decorations for the home and Christmas cards for people

£141 on various food and beverages for the holidays.

This average is a bit lower than the average amount that people spent on Christmas last year (which was approximately £550). Are people actually buying less stuff this Christmas or are they getting smarter about making sure that they get really good deals? Statistics indicate that nearly seventy percent of Christmas shoppers do plan to use promotional codes and other discounts to save money on holiday shopping so it’s possible that the same amount of things are being bought but smarter shoppers are getting everything at a lower price this year.

If you find that your own spending is higher than average and you want to lower your costs, there are some smart things that you can do besides just saving money with discount codes (although that’s important too!) Top things to remember to keep holiday shopping costs down include create a spending budget and stick to it, avoid paying for Christmas presents with credit cards, make as many gifts as you can by yourself and use up any rewards points or loyalty cards that you have to offset Christmas costs.

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