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Written by Kathryn Vercillo on December 8, 2009

Are you still in the process of buying Christmas gifts for this year? Don’t worry; a lot of people have postponed their present-buying until after CyberMonday this year. It’s okay; there is still plenty of time to get your shopping done and to do it at a bargain if you’re smart about it. Being smart means doing your research. If you’re interested in sticking with the Christmas trends while saving money this year then you should know about these five headline-making Christmas gift tips:

  1. Go green. One of the biggest trends this Christmas is to go green. People are not just buying green gifts for others; they are also making organic farm-friendly Christmas recipes and implementing low-waste practices with their Christmas wrapping and decorating. Less waste means that you spend less money on Christmas this year.
  2. Be charitable. It’s tough to think about giving money to charity when we have so little money to spend this year. However it makes you feel like you’re really embracing the holiday spirit when you do. Surveys indicate that both men and women consider it important to be charitable to kids during the holiday season although women are more likely to give than their male counterparts are.
  3. Find one perfect present instead of spending a lot of money on multiple gifts. Take the time to think through your gift ideas. Find just one perfect present for each of the people that you love. Then find a discount code to keep the cost of that present low!
  4. Give a practical gift that keeps on giving. A lot of people are choosing to skip the traditional gifts like ties and jewelry and instead to give a practical gift. For example, a lot of people are helping their loved ones out by investing in improved heating systems for their homes.
  5. Spend while saving. The biggest trend this year seems to be that a lot of people are still spending money despite the recession but they are making sure that they save money at the same time by using smart discount codes and getting good deals when they shop.

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