18 Dec

Written by Kathryn Vercillo on December 18, 2009

Christmas and New Years are a time when many, many people travel. You probably already have your holiday vacations all planned out and paid for. But what about the two or three months that follow this popular travel time each year? Have you thought about going on vacation during this time at all? If not then you might want to start considering it because this could just be the most affordable time to travel in all of 2010.

Travel from January through March tends to be cheaper than it is throughout the rest of the year for most destinations. This is because a lot less people travel at this time of year than throughout the rest of the year. The only exception to this is for destinations that are high-traffic winter travel spots (such as well-known ski resort areas). Because fewer people travel at this time of year, airlines and hotels tend to offer a lot of discounts to encourage people to travel.

This year we are seeing a huge increase in the number of travel companies that are specifically offering voucher codes for people who might be enticed to travel from January through March. Airlines, hotels, attractions and travel booking sites are all coming out with new promotional code deals right now. Many of them require that you book before the end of the year. However the travel can take place anytime within those first three months of the year.

If there is somewhere that you would like to go in 2010 then it’s a smart idea to see if you can swing it to do the trip sooner rather than later. It’s tough to set aside the money for a trip this close to Christmas but the deals are so great right now that you might not want to miss out on them!

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