12 Aug

Written by Shem on August 12, 2013

sweaty man

As the weather has been having a freak out and blessing us all with fine sunshine and good vibes, the sweat our bodies are producing is creeping up.  For all those ‘loving’ a crammed commute on the London Underground where it’s wall to wall of armpit thrusting in your face, you know the importance of wearing deodorant. One would think that applying underarm protection on a daily basis is mandatory, men however are slacking! It’s been noted that 7% of young men mostly graduates, have stopped using antiperspirant at least once a week and unemployment is to blame!

For some blokes, wearing deodorant is associated with a daily routine of getting up and ready for a working day. Now take the employment away, and you take away the need for personal hygiene. Apparently.

Sorry lads but this sounds like another fine excuse for men to be lazy! Unemployment isn’t to blame, your unhygienic way of life is probably where we need to tackle the issue! That stench you’re omitting to those around you isn’t “sexy scent of man”. No no my fine friends, it’s actually burning the nostril hairs of those who have the misfortune of standing next to you. I’m sorry to break it to you, but whoever told you that they love the smell of natural body odour was in fact lying. Unadulterated lies.

Now have no fear, men unable to purchase a can of deodorant for whatever reasons can get themselves fixed up and looking sharp with a few of our discount codes!

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Unemployment is tough and there is no denying that, but with money saving offers to help keep the costs low as well as you smelling good… it should never be a problem!

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