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Written by Sean McColgan on February 6, 2012

Search Google for “bucket list” and you will get back 18,000,000 results. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your very own bucket list then look no further. We have created the ultimate bucket list for you: 101 things to see and do before you die. Let’s Go!

The Taj Mahal

(Img src: Karl Pilkington – The Bucket List)

101. Visit the Taj Mahal

The most incredible thing you will ever see. India’s Taj Mahal was built in the 17th century by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth. Legend states that after completion of the palace, the Emperor ordered the craftsmen to be amputated so that they could not recreate the magic of the Taj elsewhere.

100. Drive Across Route 66

Route 66 is one of the quintessential icons of America. Preparation: Download the ‘Drive’ Soundtrack. Optional: Buy some leather driving gloves and a satin bomber jacket with a scorpion on the back.

99. Hike Mount Kilimanjaro

Take on Africa’s highest peak and hike through four seasons and five ecological zones in one week. This one is definitely for the more adventurous!

98. Party at the Burning Man Festival, Nevada U.S.A

Taking place annually in the remote Black Rock Desert of Nevada, Burning Man is an annual event and temporary community based on radical self expression and self-reliance. What started as a 20 person gathering in 1986 is now an 8 day event attended by over 50,000 people.

97. Motorbike from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi

Travel 1000 miles by motorbike from the south of Vietnam to the North, arriving at Ha Long Bay. For inspiration watch Clarkson and the Top Gear crew, on their extraordinary Vietnam Special.

96. Go Whale Watching in Iceland

Tour Húsavík, the whale watching capital of Europe, on a traditional oak fishing boat. Best towns to visit Dalvik, Hauganes, Húsavik, and Reykjavik.

95. Experience the Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For over 100 years Thailand’s Loy Krathong has reigned as one of the most colourful festivals in the world. Gathering on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar, visitors are immersed in a world of magical lights swirling on the waters, hanging from the trees and even floating by in the sky. Magical!

chiang mai lantern festival

94. Camp in Antartica

Camp in the Antarctic wilderness and experience a place that is unlike anywhere else on the planet. Visit the Emperor Penguins and explore the Trans-Antarctic Mountains. This one is a bit pricey with a 7 day trip starting at a cool £23,000!

93. Sleep in a Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

A true Tokyo experience is not complete until you have slept in a capsule for a night. On arrival at the hotel you will be given an electronic key bracelet which you can use to pay at vending machines dotted around the hotel to buy food and drink. Change into the robe provided and hop into your capsule and experience one of the best night’s sleep of your life! (or not if you are claustrophobic). If in Shinjuku try the Green Plaza Hotel.

92. Explore the Old City of Jerusalem

Walk through one of the holiest places in the world. The Old City is roughly divided into the Muslim Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter and the Armenian Quarter. Landmarks include the Old City Gates, the Mamluk-era Sayed Hashem Mosque, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

91. Crawl through Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave is one the longest cave systems in the world (392 miles and still counting). Tours are offered all year round, from short to long walking tours. They also offer crawling tours for visitors from eight years old and up (no upper age limit). It is truly a sublime experience.

90. See a Cirque du Solei Show

A Cirque du Solei show combines a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment. Upcoming shows include a residency show based on the music of Michael Jackson, and Arena 2013 a show based around the theme of extreme sports.

Talking of extreme, you can read a day in the life of a Cirque du Solei performer here.

Cirque de Soleil Show

89. Walk the Berlin Wall Trail

On August 13, 1961, the East German government erected the Berlin Wall to keep its citizens from fleeing to the West. For 28 years, the Wall cemented the political division of Germany and Europe and became a symbol of the Cold War. Today you can walk from Potsdamer Platz to Warschauer Strasse and visit the route’s many memorials and museums.

88. Take a Scenic Flight from Queenstown, New Zealand

Take in spectacular alpine scenery in and around Queenstown by chartered plane. With its exotic flora and fauna, (including seals and penguin), this a plane ride you will never forget.

87. Explore Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone Park contains half of all the world’s known geothermal features, with more than 10,000 examples. It also has the world’s largest concentration of hot springs. However, keep a look out for the grizzly bears, wolves, bison and wapitis.

86. Tour the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is a royal château in Versailles that is located about 45 minutes by train outside of Paris, France. It began as Louis XIII’s hunting lodge before his son Louis XIV transformed and expanded it, moving the court and government of France to Versailles in 1682. Today it is listed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List and is hailed as one of the most beautiful achievements of 18th-century French art.

85. Experience Oktoberfest

The festival began on October 12, 1810 in honor of the marriage between Bavarian Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The festivities lasted nearly a week. Two hundred years later it’s now an 18-day celebration with drinking from 10am to 10.30pm every day. Grab your lederhosen and fill your beer steins to the brim – this is one celebration that is a “must do” for anyone who loves their beer.

oktober festival

84. Study Kung Fu with Shaolin Monks in China

Study traditional Shaolin martial arts from the disciples of the famous northern Song shan mountain temple protection monk. The academy based in Jilin Province, northern China hosts hosts both male and female students age 6 and older, with or without experience in the martial arts. You have the options to learn Wudang mountain area style Kung fu and Tai chi chuan, or slow Qi gong for health. Hiiiii -YAH!

83. Listen to the Chord Change of the Slowest piece of Music in History

The longest and slowest piece of music in history is John Cage’s ‘As Slow as Possible’, originally written in 1985 as a 20-minute piece for the piano. It was adapted for organ and has been playing since 2001 at the church of St Burchardi in Halberstadt, Germany. It is planned to last 639 years – After kicking off with a 17-month pause, the organ’s six pipes have managed nine chord changes and the next chord change occurs on the July 5th, 2012. The performance comes to a close on September 5, 2640 – hopefully see you there for that one? 🙂

82. Experience Serengeti

Serengeti is a plain in Tanzania, west of the Great Rift Valley. Every year the Serengeti plains put on one of nature’s most awe-inspiring shows. Watch the great migration of wildebeest and other grazing herbivores. According to artintanzania.org – you will be able to see animals start to move North towards Grumeti river the 18th May onwards.

81. Visit the Historic Temples of Paestum, Italy

The temples at Paestum are an extraordinary sight. Built around 550 B.C – The site contains 3 great temples. One of the temples Hera (also known as the Temple of Neptune) was one of the most famous cult worship sites in antiquity.

80. Celebrate Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

The Summer Solstice is the first day of summer. Every year English Heritage provide “Managed Open Access” for around 20,000 people to Stonehenge. This year the event takes place on the 20th of June. Tip: If you facing north-east through the entrance towards the heel stone you will see the sun rise above the stone. Img Credit

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

79. Visit the Birthplace of Silicon Valley

In 1939 two Stanford graduates David Packard and William Hewlett established a little electronics company in a Palo Alto Garage. The garage went onto become known ad the birthplace Silicon Valley, the first high-technology region in the World. The little electronics company went onto become HP.

78. Go to a Comic-Con Event

Comic con is an event where comic lovers and cosplayers from all over come to celebrate the love of all things Comics!

77. Climb Mount Everest

Mt. Everest is probably the most famous mountain in the world. Formed about 60 million years ago, with an elevation of 8850m it is the ultimate challenge adventure. This one is not for your ‘run-of-the-mill adventure tourist though‘ – this is a challenge for the hardcore. Fact: Current corpses remaining on Everest right now – 120. See you at the top?

76. Journey to the Ganges

One of the most famous sights in India – the shoreline of the Ganges River at Varanasi. The holy city is a favourite destination of pilgrims from all over the world.

75. Undertake Astronaut Training

Relive your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut by undertaking Astronaut Training at a Russian Space Camp. “Running on Vertical” mimics conditions of zero gravity in low Earth orbit and conditions on the moon.

Training to be a SpaceMan in Russia

74. Experience The Proms

The World’s Greatest Classical Music Festival on Earth takes place every year at the Royal Albert Hall. Over a period of 8 weeks some 90 concerts are staged. The biggest night of them all is the “Last Night”. Need to Know: To buy a seat in advance, it is necessary to have bought tickets for at least five other Proms in the season to have a chance of getting a Last Night ticket.

73. Straddle the Beginning of Time in Greenwich, London

Greenwich, the home of GMT, overlooking the City of London. Take lunch, skate, bike, ice cream… your choice! Plenty of watering holes nearby.

72. Ride the Trans-Siberian Express

From Moscow to Beijing with stops in Irkoutsk, Lake Baikal, Mongolia and China. The Trans-Siberian Express is the longest railway in the world. It takes 7 days to complete and passes through 7 time zones. Travel Tip: Grab a copy of the Trans-Siberian Handbook by Bryn Thomas.

71. Have High Tea at Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Most people are heading for a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar, but High Tea in the Tiffin Room at the Raffles Hotel isn’t to be missed. Waiters will serve you with typically English tea, scones and sandwiches … and you can help yourself to the buffet of Singapore noodles, Curried chicken and other south-east asian treats. East-meets-west 5 star style!

70. Feast at Ati-Atihan

One of the most colorful celebrations in the World! Ati-Atihan is a week-long festival held in honour of Santo Niño (Little Jesus). The event takes place every January in the province of Aklan in the Philippines. Expect to see lots of Tribal dancing, colourful costumes and a sea of smiling faces.

Ati Atihan

69. Cruise the Thames, London

Cruise the Thames while dancing to the finest tech-funk music the world has to offer, see some great sights too!

68. Watch the Launch of a Space Shuttle

NASA’s launch headquarters in Florida is the only place on Earth where you can tour launch areas, meet a veteran astronaut and watch giant rockets launch into space. Witnessing our species expand human presence into the solar system – is there anything more sublime?

67. Sail Nova Scotia on a Tall Ship

Go on a tall ship sailing adventure while learning basic navigation and seamanship skills.

66. Watch a Cricket Game at Lord’s

Lords, the most famous cricket ground in the World has rich history – From the first match ever to be played between Middlesex and Essex in 1787 to being the first ground to invest in a mowing machine (would only a British person appreciate such a fact?) in 1864. If you are a cricket fan or even just a sporting fan, a trip to Lords is a must. Expect Sun, alcohol and long days of cricket.

65. Experience the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

China break the scale of awesome when it comes to hosting events. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is no exception. The residents of Harbin take snow sculpting to another level with incredible ice castles, jaw-dropping ice buildings and out of this world ice statues of animals and mythical creatures. The festival takes place annually in December/January (dates change). Whatever you do – don’t forget to bring your coat, gloves and a sense of wonder.

Harbin Snow Ice Festival

64. Railpass across Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is the new Europe – Travel by train, hopping on and off wherever you choose – Salzburg, Vienna, Prague or Budapest.

63. Explore Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, India

One of the largest forts in India – the majestic Mehrangarh Fort was built in 1459 by 36 Hindu warrior clans known as the Rajputs. It stands on a 150 Metre high hilltop and occupies over 5 sq km of area.

62. Witness a Spectacular Sunrise at Haleakala Maui

Stand at the top of majestic Mount Haleakala in Maui and witness the glory of the rising sun. Breathe, be thankful, and feel alive!

61. Get Wet at Songkran

Thailand knows how to party! Songkran Water Festival is a celebration of the Thai New Year. Lots of water, smiles, super soakers, and good times!

60. Attend Glastonbury

Good times, great people, awesome music and mud…lots of it. Glastonbury is England’s most famous music festival and a must-attend event for all music lovers around the world.


59. Go to Cannes Film Festival

Hob nob with the stars in Cannes and watch films before they are released in cinemas.

58. Walk the Las Vegas Strip

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

57. Party at Copacabana Beach

White sand, palm trees, light-blue water and beautiful people everywhere! Copacabana Beach is the most famous beach in the world. It also hosts one of the biggest New Year celebrations in the world – attracting over 2.5 million of people to the beach every year. Enjoy the Good Life!

56. Explore the Forbidden City, China

Explore the largest surviving palace complex in the world. The Forbidden City served as the home of 24 emperors and their households for over 500 years (from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty). If you love history and want to see a glimpse of China’s ancient past – the Forbidden City is a good place to start!

55. Visit the Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones and explore the magnificent tombs of Ramses II, Seti I and Tutankhamun. Just don’t go raiding for any treasure!

valley of the kings

54. Go Deep in the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the world’s greatest natural resources. Unparalleled in its biodiversity and home to 10% of all known species. In the past decade alone, over 1200 new species have been discovered. Get back to nature in the tropical rainforest, just don’t get lost.

53. Chill out on Bora Bora Island, Tahiti

Bora Bora is often referred to as the most beautiful island in the world. Famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts. Go with a loved one and enjoy the legendary lagoon and magical sunsets.

52. See Daft Punk Live

Work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, stronger. Daft Punk started out as a rock n’ roll band in 1992. Fast forward to 2012 they are they the robots of the future – crafting spine tingling electronic masterpieces. Once in a lifetime audio / visual experience.

51. Backpack across the Australian Coast

It is the ultimate backing packing experience – you’ll meet people from all over the world touring the Australian Coast. A particular favorite with Brits, Scandinavians and North Americans. One for the Hedonists!

50. Witness the Bristol Balloons Lift Off

Bristol the home of Massive Attack, Banksy and Europe’s largest annual Hot Air Balloon event. Watch 150 balloons lift off and enjoy good times with friends and family. Simple win.

Bristol Balloons

49. Sail to the Antarctic

The final frontier. The 7th Continent. Penguins, Icebergs and hopefully some good champagne, depending on the quality of the vessel.

48. Fly Like a Bird

You live a pretty awesome life right? Watch the video below and cry yourself to sleep. This is what “awesome” really looks like.

47. Throw Tomatoes at Strangers at the La Tomatina Festival

La Tomatina is a festival held in the Valencian town of Buñol, Spain on the last Wednesday of August every year. Join 30,000 festival-goers in the biggest food fight in the World.

46. Run on St Andrews Beach, Scotland

Run on St Andrews beach, the same beach they used to film the opening scene of The Chariots of Fire. Prerequisite: Make sure you load Vangelis’ uplifting theme onto your music player before you go.

45. Visit the Galápagos Islands

Visit the Galápagos Island where Darwin came upon his theories of evolution. See over 100 species of birds, giant turtles and iguanas.


44. Bike Ride across the most isolated nation on Earth – North Korea

Take a bike tour of the most isolated country on earth, pedaling thru dirt tracks and crossing remote regions of North Korea. The country has been open to tourists from the West since 1987 but access has been tightly controlled and monitored. The only way to obtain a travel visa is to book a tour with a travel agency. If you are lucky you may witness one of North Korea’s woman traffic-cops in action.

43. Visit the Zen Garden of Kyoto

Experience simplicity and serenity at Ryoan-ji Zen Temple (The Temple of the Dragon at Peace). When looking at the garden from any angle (other than from above) only 14 of the rocks are visible. It is said that only through attaining enlightenment would one be able to view the 15th rock.

42. Float in The Dead Sea

Experience the wonders of the Dead Sea – float in water and rejuvenate your body and mind with the therapeutic qualities of the salt water and mineral-rich mud.

41. Dine at the Perlan – Reykjavik, Iceland

Dine at the domed revolving restaurant, overlooking Reykjavik’s impressive architecture. Get 360 degree views of the city and enjoy a divine dinner.

40. Go Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef

An estimated 50-80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface. The ocean contains 99% of living space on the planet and less than 10% of that space has been explored by humans.

scuba diving

39. Climb Mount Fuji

A well known Japanese saying suggests that anybody would be a fool not to climb Mount Fuji once – but a fool to do so twice. The Japanese are not stupid – add climb Mount Fuji to your bucket list.

38. Dance the Tango in Buenos Aires

When you think Buenos Aires you think Tango.

37. Hike the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is one of the longest continuously marked footpaths in the world, the beautifully scenic route measures 2180 miles in length and spans 14 states from Georgia to Maine. You’ll need to book some time-off work as the hike takes between five and seven months to complete. Be forewarned: many adventurers set out on this journey but only about 20% complete it.

36. Tour the Mountains of Fire – Stromboli to Etna

Experience the awesome power of Mother Nature and visit some of the most active and most interesting volcanoes in the world. Take a walking and study tour with a volcanologist to Etna, Vulcano, Lipari, and Stromboli.

35. Walk the Great Wall of China

Walk the greatest wall of them all! The Great Wall stretches for a staggering 5500 miles across China. Which section to explore? Try the Mutianyu section – less touristy and you can take a toboggan down.

The Great wall

34. Fly a Kite on Tiananmen Square

While you are exploring Beijing – head on over to Tiananmen Square (the largest city square in the world). Purchase a kite then find an open space to fly it. Feel the weight of the world fall off your shoulders.

33. Spend an Afternoon in an Amsterdam Cafe

Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in an Amsterdam Cafe with good friends and enjoy the chilled out atmosphere, cafe lattes, and delicious brownies.

32. Run the New York Marathon

The marathon is one of the toughest mental events a human can face; just finishing it is an accomplishment in itself. Why not do it in style? Soak up the amazing atmosphere and fantastic views of Manhattan while running the full 26 miles and 385 yards.

31. Go Cave Diving in Mexico

Explore the caves of Tulum, Mexico – the most beautiful underwater caves on the planet. Before you book your trip – know that you require a valid cave diving certification from a worldwide recognized association to be eligible to dive.

30. Learn to Surf in Hawaii

Immerse yourself in the Aloha spirit at the surf Mecca of the world – Hawaii, U.S.A. You can find many surf schools offering lessons on Maui beach where you can learn the fundamentals of surfing and what type of board will suit you best. Surfs up, Dude!

Surf Hawaii

29. Hike to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Normal people go to the Grand Canyon and take pictures, it’s the crazy ones who decide to hike to the bottom. You’ll need a full day set aside to complete it, as well as a backcountry permit for camping overnight.

28. Take a Gondola Ride in Venice

The primary form of transportation in Venice from the 12th century until speedboats arrived on the scene. When taking a tour, make sure to ask to ride the interior canals not just the Grand canal.

27. Get Dropped off in the Middle of No Where

Get dropped off by airplane in the middle of nowhere and learn the hard and soft skills needed for “expedition life”. Expect no modern conveniences, spectacular scenery and the challenge of your life.

26. Eat Fish and Chips at a Traditional English Chip Shop

Take a trip to Bath, England to eat at Seafood’s traditional fish & chips shop. They have been serving their traditional batter and homemade chunky cut chips for over 50 years. Don’t forget to order the mushy peas!

25. Explore Ha Long Bay

Sail on a Junk boat, then hop into a canoe and paddle through caves into secret lagoons. Jump back onto the Junk boat in search of enormous caves to explore like Indiana Jones.

Ha Long Bay

24. Ski the Alps

Ski and snowboard at one of the best ski spots in the world – the French Alps. Ski in the day, party at night.

23. Watch Manchester United from the Stretford End

Watch Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Stretford End – the world’s most famous football terrace in the World. You’ll be right in the thick of the action with lots of chanting and singing. Whatever you do, don’t pack your prawn sandwiches – You’ll be crucified!

22. See the Northern Lights

See the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) in all their glory at Lapland, Finland. The science behind it – the natural light display is caused by a combination of solar wind and gas blowing from the sun. The view – Magical!

21. Go on a 10-day Vipassana Meditation Course

Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is a meditation technique originally taught by Buddha himself. Attend a Vipassana Meditation School and learn the art of living with virtuousness by clearing the mind.

20. Go Bull Running in Pamplona, Spain

The running of the Bulls is a yearly event celebrated from the 6th to the 14th of July in Pamplona, Spain. If you decide this one is for you – please remember bulls run faster than humans 🙂

bull running pamplona spain

19. Visit Ankor Wat

Travel through South East Asia and mention the words “Ankor Wat” to any fellow traveler and watch their eyes light up – A must see!

18. Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Festival in style, with music, street theatre, family carnivals and the finest pint of Guinness in the world. Cheers!

17. Visit the Kremlin, Moscow

Moscow’s most famous historical and political landmark, the Kremlin is a walled-in complex of beautiful orthodox cathedrals, palaces and government offices. Arrive early to see the changing of the Guard.

16. Take a Vacation with all your Loved Ones

Take a vacation Griswold-style. Hit the road, rent a holiday house on the sea-front, and celebrate life with family and friends (just don’t tell Cousin Eddie!)

15. Attend the Olympics (London 2012)

What is the human race capable off? Find out by attending the Olympics Games. Watch world class athletes ignore the limits of pain and mental endurance. This man will be there…what other reason do you need to attend?

2012 olympics

14. Visit The Long Room Library in Dublin, Ireland

The word “Epic” is quite possibly the most overused word on the internet. Google has indexed “459,000,000” pages containing the word. Let’s make it “459,000,001”. The Long Room Library in Dublin is the most epic library you will ever visit! Interesting Fact for Star Wars Fans the Jedi Library in Attack of Clones is based on the Long Room.

13. Sleep Under the Stars

Reconnect with nature. Camp in your back-garden and sleep under the stars with the one you love. As Paulo Coelho says “It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary”.

12. Travel around the World for a Year

Kindergarten > Primary School > High School > College > University > Work, Work, Work. ‘Take a Break’ from the treadmill of life and travel around the World. Deep down we all have a desire to explore and discover – it is human nature.

11. Get Inspired in Prague

Famed for its fine architecture, the Czech capital is also known for its coffee house culture. Grab an espresso where Kafka, Einstein and Václav Havel gained caffeinated inspiration. Who knows what world changing thought may hit you?

10. Celebrate New Year in New York City

When you think of the ultimate New Year Celebrations around the World – New York Times Square probably comes to mind first. Once is enough – Live it up!

New York NYE

9. Drink a cup of Kopi Luwak Coffee

Kopi Luwak is the ultimate coffee experience. The coffee comes from the Indonesian island of Sumatra and is made from coffee beans passed through the digestive system of a Palm Civet. It’s one of the most expensive and low-production varieties of coffee in the World and one experience coffee lovers don’t want to miss!

8. Visit The Louvre

The Louvre is home to the one of the greatest art collections in the world including the original “Mona Lisa” by da Vinci, Rembrandt’s self-portraits and Michelangelo’s Slaves sculptures.

7. Drive the Autobahn

One of the most popular roads in the world – Germany’s Autobahn network has a total length of about 1300 km and has no speed limits (although the German government recommends traveling no faster 130 km/h). Stick some Kraftwerk on and have fun on the Autobahn.

6. Search for Shangri-La

Shangri-La is a hidden Himalayan utopia – those who find it never disclose its location.

5. Discover Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, also known as the ‘Lost City of the Incas’, is located more than 7000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains. It was recently voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in a worldwide Internet poll. Magic awaits…

Machu Picchu Peru

4. Go on a Transatlantic Deep-Sea Expedition

Go on an epic journey across the belly of the North Atlantic on a 35 day Transatlantic Deep-Sea Expedition. There are many undersea wonders to experience – from active volcanoes, unexplored shipwrecks to alien sea creatures and the deepest canyons. You will need deep pockets for this one – $375,000 USD in total!

3. Cargo Boat across the World

Slow is the new black – take a trip on a container ship around the world and experience first-hand how large our beautiful world is!

2. Go on a Road Trip with No Predetermined Destination

Go your own way as Fleetwood Mac would say. The most amazing eye-opening experience I have ever had started with selling all of my possessions and booking a one way flight to China. I ended up roaming the country for two years, meeting loads of amazing people and falling in love. Sometimes it’s just better not to have a plan.

1. Fly into Space

Fly into Space with Virgin Galactic. Book your place in space now and join around 430 Virgin Galactic astronauts who will soon be venturing into the unknown. Tickets cost $200,000 and deposits start from $20,000. See you there 🙂

virgin galactic

That’s the lot – The ultimate bucket list of 101 things to see and do before you die. What’s on your Bucketlist? Share your stories and thoughts in the comments!

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