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Anyone who wants to power their digital life should turn to Fuel Broadband as their first choice of supplier. With their belief that internet access is the fuel of modern living, they are dedicated to helping customers to communicate, share data and surf the internet rapidly and at an affordable price. Fuel Broadband offers a choice of packages to suit the needs of a wide range of customers, all offering excellent value for money. Their 12-month unlimited broadband contract offers up to 17Mb download speeds and supplies users with a free wireless router, and there is even an option to add on anytime landline calls for just a small extra fee each month. With lots of beneficial upgrade offers and refer-a-friend deals, it's easy to see how Fuel Broadband is an awesome choice. Plus, with customer support options, including social media contact, telephone help lines and email, getting essential assistance couldn't be simpler. » more

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Reasonable option for saving on your home phone

I very very rarely use a home phone line, but I feel the need to keep one in case of emergency or if I am over minutes on my mobile. The idea of paying so much every month for something I dont use has definitely upset me over the years. Finally I decided to look elsewhere, and Primus Saver had some good packages as for home phone line rental. At first the amount of info was a bit overwhelming, but at least I didn't have any questions left because the site answered all of them. I liked that I could keep my existing number, since I've had it for years. The free voicemail was a nice option as well. Signing up for the line rental actually was a lot easier than I expected, and doing it online was great convenience wise.

I can't fault Primus Saver for their service so far and my home line works just fine. I'm saving so much on my monthly phone bill that I find myself actually using it more, since all of my calls are free. Now I'm not going over the limit on my mobile, which is another bonus.

Shopping Tips for Fuel Broadband

Offers and Deals for You

Free Added Extras

Fuel Broadband is one of the best value broadband service providers in the UK and they regularly offer incredible deals – usually free added extras – throughout the year. These offers change every few months, so if the current ones aren’t to your liking and you’re not in a rush to sign up, it’s worth waiting a little while until a better deal comes along. To give you an idea of what types of promotions Fuel Broadband usually offers, some of the most recent ones included free unlimited broadband for 12 months, free Amazon FireTV Stick, free 30-day Amazon Prime trial and free wireless router.

Free Upgrades for Existing Customers

But it’s not just brand new customers who get all the goodies – existing customers get their fair share of freebies, too. To see what you’re entitled to as a Fuel Broadband customer, hover your cursor over the ‘Packages’ tab and click on ‘Upgrade Offers’. On this page, you’ll see all the current offers available to existing customers. Some of the promotions require you to opt in, but some others – such as 12-months free unlimited broadband for anyone on a limited broadband package, which was one of the most recent ones – will automatically be given to you if you’re eligible, without you having to do anything whatsoever.

Free Line Installation

Don’t have a phone line in your home? When you sign up for a broadband package, Fuel Broadband will install one for you completely free of charge. Remember that the free installation is only available for packages which include broadband – if you select any other package and don’t have a phone line, you’ll have to pay £59 to have a line installed. Good news for Virgin Media customers – if you’re switching to Fuel Broadband, they’ll install a brand new phone line free of charge for you, regardless of whether or not you’re signing up for a broadband package.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Refer a Friend

Fancy earning yourself a free Amazon gift card? Then refer all the friends and family you have to Fuel Broadband! For every person you refer to the service provider who signs up for a plan, both you and the person you referred will be rewarded with a £25 Amazon gift card. To refer friends and family, hover your cursor over the ‘Packages’ tab on the website, click on the ‘Refer a friend’ link and fill out the form on the page that follows. Thirty days after the person you refer signs up for a package, you’ll both receive your gift cards.

Price Promise

If you’re a business customer, Fuel Broadband is so eager to hold onto your custom that they promise they’ll always be cheaper than BT. If you receive a bill that would have been cheaper had you been with BT, they’ll let you make the switch without paying a penny. What’s more, if Fuel Broadband’s packages aren’t cheaper than those offered by BT, Fuel Broadband will put together a special package just for you which works out much better value for money. To claim on the price promise, get in touch with Fuel Broadband by giving them a call or sending an email to [email protected]. Make sure you’ve got proof of the cheaper bill or plan handy before you get in touch.
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