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While prime real-estate is something familiar from films, books and the very streets in which we live, when it comes to buying a slice of space, cosmic real-estate is surprisingly much more affordable. And with 10 years in the business, Global Star Registry have the naming of a star down to a fine art, with prices starting from just £65. With each naming being filed in a registry vault and recorded under copyright in the US, naming a star after yourself or for a loved one is a touching way to keep memories alive, celebrate a new baby or give a unique gift to newlyweds, and with a range of gift packages, from Mother's Day to Christmas, it's possible to give the gift of a named star for every occasion.Each package comes with a star certificate, gift pack and a star map showing exactly where the named star is, all of which make for a present that is truly out of this world. » more

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How to use Global Star Registry Promotional Codes

  1. Find a gift to last a lifetime at Global Star Registry

    Want something lasting and extra special for the “star” in your life? The Global Star Registry makes it easy for you to name a star for someone. To get started, go to and click “Order Now.”

  2. Select number of stars, names

    Use the dropdown menu to select the number of stars you’d like to register (you can register up to 10), and the number of gift tokens you want. Then, in each “Star Name” field, enter the name to which you want the star registered. Use the dropdown menus to select a registration date, product option, and either a pendant or key ring to commemorate the gift.

  3. Come to Promotional Codes UK for a discount

    Take a moment to browse the special offers on Global Star Registry orders. When you find one you want to use, just click “View Code & Open Site” to get the gift code to pop up. Copy it and return to Global Star Registry.

  4. Apply your gift code

    Beneath the “Star Name” field is a box labeled “Gift or Campaign Code.” Paste or enter your gift code here, and click “OK” to apply it.

  5. Enter shipping information

    Complete the “Shipping Information” fields as directed with the recipient’s name, address, phone number and email. Check the “Shipping and Return Policy” box and click “Next.”

  6. Select shipping method

    Double check your order and shipping address. Then, tick the circle next to the delivery option you want to use.

  7. Enter payment details and submit

    Scroll down to the “Payment Information” section, and fill out the fields provided with your credit card details. Then click “Submit” to complete your Global Star Registry transaction. A star will be registered on the date you requested, and a star kit will be mailed to the recipient.

Global Star Registry Customer Reviews

Twinkle, twinkle and all that jazz

My wife is a big fan of star gazing. I got her a telescope at Christmas, and I imagine she’ll be well on her way to charting the constellations on the computer soon. In the meantime, I wanted to get her a little something romantic but space related. I’d heard about star naming and giving before, but I didn’t know much about it. Global Star Registry makes it incredibly easy to name a star on a loved one’s behalf and make a lovely gift for them at the same time. All for just £65. You can’t go wrong. My wife loved the star, by the way. And she proudly displays her little certificate on her office wall.

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Quantity Discount Programme

If you’re buying more than one star, it’s worth contacting Global Star Registry to see if you qualify for the quantity discount programme. To see if you can get some money knocked off, send an email to [email protected] with info about how many you’d like to order.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Star Kit

Whilst many star registry companies only supply you with a certificate of acknowledgement, Global Star Registry provides you with a complete star kit, which includes a certificate of your star’s name and co-ordinates, sky map so you can find your star and a unique pendant engraved with your constellation and the co-ordinates of your star. These added extras might make Global Star Registry better value for money than some of the other companies out there.
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