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Google Adwords is an advertising service launched by Google that allows customers to pay for the placement of their website on the search engine results page. By eliminating the need to wait for their website to eventually reach number one in the listings of its own accord, href="">Google Adwords guarantees fast and efficient results. By paying per click, website owners can ensure that their product or service appears at the top of the search results, allowing customers to find their homepage more easily and increasing their business revenue. These sponsored links are beneficial to anyone who wants to achieve more exposure for their site and are a cost effective solution as there is only a requirement to pay once a customer has clicked on the link. As 87% of people using search engines will only ever stay on the first page of listings, it is easy to see the benefits of choosing Google Adwords. » more

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No Visit No Fee

One of the great things about Google Adwords is that if your advertising campaign isn’t working, you don’t pay for it. The service is totally free to sign up for and means you’ll only pay for your advert when someone clicks on it and visits your website or when someone gives you a call. This really gives Google Adwords the edge and could make it much cheaper for you to sign up with them, instead of a competing company.

Check Your Hosting Provider for Promotions

Many hosting companies, such as Blue Host, give you £100-£200 worth of Google Adwords services free of charge when you first sign up. So before you hand over any cash to Google Adwords, check your hosting provider’s site to see if you’ve got a freebie just sat there waiting to be used.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Location Targeting

If you’re using Google Adwords to promote a local service or venue, you could save a lot of money by changing your target location. When you set up a campaign, it will automatically be set to show throughout the whole of the UK. But if you only offer your services or products in one city, you’ll definitely want to change this UK setting to the city you’re in, so you’re only paying for advert clicks from people who will be in a position to buy from you.

Avoid Broad Match Keywords

Just starting out with Google Adwords? Then you might be thinking about using broad match keywords, because the more people who see your adverts the better, right? Wrong! For example, if you sell car insurance and sign up for broad match keywords, your advert could appear when someone searches for ‘motorbike insurance’ or even ‘medical insurance’. Anyone who types this into Google and clicks on your link is not going to buy car insurance, so it’s best to avoid broad match keywords, as you’ll just be throwing money away most of the time. Instead, choose ‘exact match’ or ‘phrase match’ when you only want your ad to appear when someone types in the specific keyword you’ve defined.

Negative Keywords

Effectively using negative keywords is another way you can save some serious cash with Google Adwords. Negative keywords are words that when people type them into Google, you don’t want your advert to appear. For example, if you own a cupcake shop, you don’t want your advert to appear when someone types ‘free cupcake recipes’ into Google, because they’re not going to buy from you. Google Adwords lets you add up to 10,000 negative keywords, so take full advantage.

Remove Underperforming Keywords

If you’ve been using Google Adwords for quite a while and have some reports to look at, search for underperforming keywords and replace them. Since these keywords aren’t converting, there’s no point in paying for them.
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