History of Fashion

Fashion is part of culture that is constantly changing. Over the years, the variety of dress has evolved depending on the state of the economy, new inventions in technology and even the social class people move in and out of. Taking a look at the history of fashion of Western Civilization throughout the years, there are many different eras and trends and styles that have come and gone. Browse through the resources below to get a brief history of fashion throughout the years.

Greeks 500 – 146 BC

  • Classical Greek Fashion – Loosely draped material was a staple in Greek fashion.

  • Ancient Greek Fashion – Jewelry was a major accent to the Greek attire. From large necklaces to bangle bracelets, both men and women wore jewelry.

  • Clothing of Ancient Greece – Focusing primarily on women, you will learn about the types of fabrics and patterns that were used for clothing.

Romans 500 BC – 323 AD

  • Women’s Fashion in Rome – From the clothing material to the types of hairstyles and accessories women wore, you will find out what the styles were in ancient Rome.

  • Roman Dress – From the famous toga to the Pallium cloak, learn the styles that were popular in Rome

Middle Ages 400 – 1200 AD

Early Gothic 1200 – 1350 AD

  • Costumes of the Early Gothic Period – Not only view the common clothing that was worn during this period, but learn about the special touches that were added for different social classes.

  • Gothic Fashion – Read about the transition from the clothing of the middle ages to the gothic styles and fashions.

Early Renaissance 1350 – 1425 AD

  • Renaissance Clothing – Learn about the embellishments and special touches that made the clothing of the Renaissance era truly remarkable.

  • Style of the Renaissance – A very in depth article about the construction of the beautiful clothing worn during this time period.

  • Costumes of the Italian Renaissance – From velvets to silks, find out what the most luxurious fabrics were used in Renaissance clothing. Look out for discount codes, which will save you money.

Tudor England 1500 – 1550 AD

  • Clothing in Tudor – A portfolio of images showcasing the different styles that were popular in Tudor.

  • Tudor Fashion – Images of the Kings and Queens who made the fashion statements in Tudor.

Elizabethan England 1550 – 1603 AD

  • Elizabethan England Clothing – In addition to a detailed description of clothing in Elizabethan England, you will learn about the culture and lifestyles that accompanied this high fashion.

  • Elizabethan Information – A hub of resources for all things Elizabethan, including the clothing and fashions of the time period.

Cavalier Period 1620 – 1660 AD

The Restoration 1660 – 1700 AD

  • Restoration Clothing – With a focus on head pieces and wigs, the styles of this time period were elaborate and over the top.

  • Restoration Fashion – Read how authors described the fashions of the Restoration period in books.

The 18th Century 1715 – 1790 AD

Revolution & Empire 1790 – 1815 AD

Romantic 1815 – 1848 AD

  • Historic Romantic Dress – A timeline of the Romantic period of clothing. Pictures accompany excellent descriptions of the typical styles you would find during this period.

  • Costumes of the Romantic Period – Focusing on the dress of the women during this time period, there is in depth information on dresses and the undergarments that made the women of this time period beautiful.

Crinoline 1845 – 1867 AD

  • Crinoline Fashion Plates – View illustrations of women’s Crinoline dresses.

  • Crinoline – Read about the problems women had wearing crinoline that lead to the eventual decline of Crinoline dresses.

Bustle 1868 – 1879 AD

  • History of the Bustle – While very appealing, the bustle provided extra oomph for a women’s figure.

  • Bustles – View gorgeous examples of what bustles looked like.

  • The Bustle Period – View slides of how the bustle changed and evolved over time.

La Belle Epoque 1890 – 1899 AD

Edwardian 1900 – 1913 AD

  • Edwardian Fashion – Influenced by political events that were happening during this time, view the clothing that was fashionable during this period.

  • Fashions of the Edwardian Era – A huge collection of information and resources regarding the fashions of the Edwardian period.