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If you are the person responsible for buying office, hygiene or catering supplies, then Mintprice has to be the first site to visit. This website boasts being the first and only price comparison site on the net for office and other required business goods. Not only can you compare costs of individual items -- you can also fill your basket confident that the lowest possible price from compared suppliers will be charged, and you can reduce the cost by as much as 65%. Shopping smarter and faster are the main aims of this great concept site. Mintprice stocks a massive range of office supplies, along with all kinds of stationary, machines, notice boards and writing stuff. There is also an extensive office furniture section to browse, including bookcases, visitor seating, canteen items and desktop screens. Click on the inks and toners tab and choose your manufacturer to do a quick search for cartridges and toners. Items listed under Technology at Mintprice include all computer-related supplies on offer. Click Hygiene on the menu to see all sorts of cleaning equipment and products like bins, dryers and dispensers. Clicking Catering lets you look at kitchen appliances, as well as food and drink utensils and sundries like paper plates, and even fly catchers. As you add products to your basket, the clever Mintprice comparison tool instantly shows you a few suppliers' prices, and the cheapest supplier. Every single item is compared individually. » more

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Brilliant idea for office supplies

This site is great if you order loads of office supplies. My boss is always on me about getting the best prices, but I don't have time to shop every office supply site out there. Basically Mintprice does the work for you and they work as a comparison engine so you can be sure you get the best price. My latest order saved us about £15 than if I'd just bought it from our usual company, the shipping was fast and we got just what we needed (plus the savings got me some praise at work!) I definitely recommend shopping w/ Mintprice if you're busy and looking to save some money.

Shopping Tips for Mintprice

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Free delivery

Whenever you spend more than £50 on the Mintprice website, you order will be delivered free of charge via standard delivery which takes up to three working days to arrive. Orders less than this come with a delivery charge dependent upon the products you purchase. So if you want bet value for money, it’s worth stocking up on office supplies you regularly use – such as paper, pens and ink – every time you shop with Mintprice. This way your total order will add up to £50+ and you’ll get out of paying for delivery.

Free gifts

Many of the products on the Mintprice website come with free gifts, such as a free Scotch tape dispenser when you buy a pack of Post-It canary yellow notes or a free lined super-sticky Post-It notes when you buy a 12-pack of regular super-sticky Post-It notes. Whenever there are free gifts up for grabs, you’ll see them advertised on the homepage of the website. If there’s a freebie attached to one of the products that you often buy, it’s definitely worth snapping up. Even if you don’t need the product it’s attached to right now – as long as you’ll definitely use it down the line, place it into your basket now and get the free gift. You’ll get better value for money this way.

Extra money saving tips

Follow Mintprice on Twitter

Never want to miss out on the chance to save money on office supplies? Then make sure you follow Mintprice on Twitter. When you’re connected online, you’ll be kept in the know with buy-one-get-one-free promotions, price reductions and new money saving offers. Tweets are usually sent out at least twice each week, so check in on a weekly basis if you don’t want to dip out.

Read the blog

Want to save money in every aspect of the office and not just when you’re buying supplies? Then make sure you read the Mintprice blog. This blog is updated very regularly – at least a few times each week – with all sorts of money saving advice, like how to use less paper in the office, petty cash management tips and how to reduce overhead expenses. There are also plenty of helpful posts about motivating employees and increasing productivity. There’s no RSS feed for the blog, so you’ll have to bookmark it yourself and check back regularly in order to keep up.

Don’t get caught out with price comparison

When you click on the ‘add to basket’ button on the Mintprice website, a popup will appear giving you all your shopping options, with the cheapest one highlighted. If you’re planning on spending less than £50, then choose the item marked ‘cheapest order’ because it really will be the cheapest one. But if you’re planning on spending more than £50, you’ll qualify for free delivery. This means the ‘cheapest order’ might not be the cheapest, since these prices include delivery. In this scenario, you’re best off looking at each of the prices individually and selecting the option with the cheapest price for the product alone – not when combined with the delivery charge.
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