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The ocean depths have always held much fascination and now it's easy to have a mini watery world of our own with the help of aquarium specialists, the award-winning Seapets. With over forty years of expertise on offer, Seapets is a trusted professional name when it comes to pets, and while their emphasis is on the aquamarine, they also stock a comprehensive range of supplies for all domestic pets, from the puppyish and fluffyish to the exotic and scaly. Specialising in aquariums, Seapets is a safe port when it comes to finding out what's needed to have a coral reef in the home, whether it's a small corner model or a stunning centre-piece, with advice and information aplenty. Starter aquariums, perfect for a child's first experience of responsible pet-keeping, are available from just £39.99, while it's possible to push the boat out to up to £3,395 for a top-of-the-range model with impeccable style and generous dimensions - customers may not need a bigger boat but they might need a bigger room!When it comes to other pets, everything from bedding to leads can be found, along with a comprehensive range of food, whether it's Vitalin Gold dog food, fantastic for fussy pups, or the dried insects that make up a gecko's daily grub. Sign up for loyalty points to earn along the way and enjoy free delivery with orders of £34 and over. » more

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How to use Seapets Promotional Codes

  1. Obtain quality pet supplies at Seapets

    When you shop you’ll have easy access to everything you need for your furry, feathered and finned friends. To purchase something, simply click the green “Add” button to place it in your shopping basket.

  2. Expand your shopping basket and checkout

    When you‘re finished shopping, go to the upper right corner and click on the “Expand Basket” button to see all the items you’ve selected, and then “Checkout” to continue.

  3. Get a Seapets deal through us

    Promotional Codes UK offers several discounts on Seapets orders. Browse around, find one you like, and click “View Code & Open Site.” A promotional code will pop up. Copy it and return to your Seapets shopping basket

  4. Review order and apply promo code

    Look over your Seapets order. If satisfied, paste or enter your promo code in the appropriate field and click “Amend Basket” to apply it. Then click “Continue to Checkout.”

  5. Complete the billing address form

    Enter your name, email, and other information as directed. If items will be shipped to a different address, tick the box and enter an alternative delivery address in the fields that appear. You may also add special delivery instructions in the box provided. When finished, click “Next.”

  6. Update your delivery method

    Under your itemized bill will be options for delivery. Tick the circle next to the delivery method you prefer, and then click “Next.”

  7. Enter payment info and submit

    Click the “Checkout with PayPal” button to pay with your PayPal account, and follow the instructions. To pay by credit card, wait for the appropriate box to appear, fill it out as directed, and click “Process Payment” to submit your order.

Seapets Customer Reviews

Seapets helped us keep our promise

We promised our little girl a fish for her birthday. It seemed like an easy thing – she begged, we acquiesced, and she shut up. But now we have to deliver because her birthday is next week. Yikes! I had no idea aquariums could be so pricey. Still, we found we got more for our money here at Seapets than we could at the local garden centre and pet stores. And the choices here are really stylish. I also really like the aquarium ornaments section, so we picked up some pieces and coloured gravel to make it a bit livelier. Now we just need to get some fish. ;)

Beagle puppy is pleased with treats from here

I have a 6-month-old Beagle puppy, and he loves the pet food I get here for him called Eukanuba. It’s super cheap and really good for him, so I buy it several bags at a time (I’m afraid the price will go up, so I’m stockpiling). This site has also been really useful in providing adequate chew toys to help him get back his chewing stage, which is driving me crazy. So far, only a couple shoes and one book have bit the dust, but without the Seapets’ toys, I fear it would be table legs, etc.

Shopping Tips for Seapets

Offers and Deals for You

If you really want to bag a bargain, check out the ‘Special Offers’ section of the Seapets website. Here you’ll find a small selection of the latest deals and promotions, ranging from free gifts when you buy certain items to time-limited low prices. These special offers change fairly regularly, so if nothing interests you when you first look, check back in about one month’s time to see what has been added since you last looked.

Free Delivery

All Seapets orders which add up to more than £34 come with free standard delivery within the mainland UK. If your order doesn’t quite make the £34 mark and you really don’t want to fork out for delivery costs, consider stocking up on items you regularly buy, such as pet food, or take a look at the ‘Special Offers’ section. You might just find something small and cheap which you can add to your basket so your order qualifies for free delivery – it could work out cheaper overall this way!

Loyalty Programme

Seapets Points Card

Do you regularly shop for your furry friends with Seapets? Then you could save yourself a small fortune by signing up for a Seapets Points Card. With this card, you’re rewarded with two points for each £1 you spend on the Seapets website. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to earn bonus points with special promotions throughout the year, so keep an eye out. After you’ve collected at least 500 points, you can exchange them for a £2.50 discount on your next purchase. Although this might not seem like much at a first glance, it’s better than paying full price! You can sign up for the Seapets Points Card by filling out the form on the website or calling the Seapets customer service team to have an application form sent to you through the post. If you do go to the hassle of phoning up, you’ll receive a card which you can use in-store. The card you get by filling the form out online is virtual and can only be used on the website.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Follow Seapets Online

Never miss out on another Seapets deal or offer ever again by following them online. The pet supplies retailer has active social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter where they regularly post info about current sales across the entire website, in-store events and price reductions on individual items. Most of the posts are cute animal pictures or informative articles, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled if you’re only interested in the money-saving promotions.
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