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A form of escape, another imaginary world or maybe a character who strikes a chord, books continue to open windows in our mind and thanks to Alibris it is now easier than ever to find your next read. Search through over 100 million books for your desired title, browse second hand, new or out-of-print copies in any language or rare title. From first editions to classics and the latest must-reads, Alibris has so much to offer you may not know quite where to start with such an encyclopedia of titles at your fingertips. Uniting readers and sellers throughout the UK to help you save on cost and delivery, Alibris has reinvented the way in which we buy books. Alibris help support independent booksellers across the globe by offering you more choice and their sellers more options. Alibris also offer the latest music to own, with new releases being added everyday. From epic soundtracks to classic hits all available to enjoy. You can also keep the cost of student life down with Alibris’ specialised textbook section. Get more books for your money by using one of our promotional codes on your next Alibris shop.

How to use Alibris Promotional Codes

  1. Read up with Alibris

    Alibris carries a massive selection of used books, especially textbooks for those students out there. You also can find books, music and films here for a bargain!

  2. Choose your items

    You can search through the site by category, or simply type in what you're looking for and sort through the different sellers offering the product. Once you've chosen the product you want to buy, go on and click "add to basket."

  3. Enter a code

    Open in a new window and find the Alibris code you'd like to use. Click "view code & open site," then copy it and click back to Alibris. At the bottom of your basket, paste your code in the voucher code box and click "update." After your basket refreshes with the new price, click "checkout."

  4. Sign in or continue as a guest

    If you have an account with Alibris, brilliant - enter your information and click "log in." If not, type in your email address to continue as a guest. You'll add in your shipping info on the next screen and click "continue."

  5. Billing details

    Type in your credit/debit card information and then scroll down to take care of your billing address. If it's the same as the one you listed for delivery, tick "yes," otherwise tick "no" and type in the new address. Click "save & continue" to move on and get your order confirmation. Get ready for your parcel to arrive from Alibris!

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Alibris Customer Reviews

Found exactly what I was looking for at Alibris

I’ve been looking for a special gift for my mom for years. She has been wanting an older, limited edition of one of her favourite children’s books for years, but she’s been unable to find it. I ran across an advertisement for Alibris and decided to see if they had it. She wanted the exact copy of Little Black Sambo that she had as a young girl. It didn’t seem terribly politically correct to me, but she’s 65, so I decided it was probably just a nostalgia thing and I should overlook my views on the book. Well, I found loads of beautiful, original copies on Alibris, one of which was running at around 8,000. Yikes! But I scrolled through and hit the jackpot when I found one from before 1920 for around 120. It had the same cover she described, so I ordered it for her birthday. I’m so glad I did. It was the exact same copy she had been looking for all along, and she cried for a good five minutes when she opened it. Thanks, Alibris.

Really great site for used books!

While I was in university I frequently bought textbooks from Alibris. The prices were fantastic and my books always arrived quickly. It was a welcome change from paying 100+ pounds for a book in the university bookstore, and I also sold many of my used texts on the site for some extra cash. Now that I’m out of uni and have started a family, I still rely on Alibris when I want a good deal on books. With the cost of a hardcover in the bookshops these days, I’d much rather wait until I can find a copy secondhand.

Since the books are sold by individual Alibris users, the cost, delivery time and shipping vary per seller, so sometimes it takes longer than one would hope. The only time I had an issue (the book hadn’t arrived 4 weeks later) the seller quickly offered a refund to my card and I was able to purchase the book elsewhere. I’ll continue to shop with Alibris for discount books, especially as my son grows older and begins to read on his own. We’ve already built him quite a library just from shopping on Alibris.

Finding rare books is now so easy

I’ve been reading chapter books of Roald Dahl to our daughter, age 6, and she loves them so much that I’ve decided to start collecting a few early editions for her. First editions cost thousands, but earlier versions run in the hundreds. I’ve been able to find two good books for her “collection”, and I keep an eye out on this website for deals almost every day. In previous years I would’ve had no choice but to check the antiquarian shops, so this website is a Godsend.

Really good deals for students here

I buy nearly all of my textbooks from Alibiris, which really saves me money. As someone else mentioned, the delivery time can vary since it's almost like an Amazon or Ebay where individuals sell the books, so as long as you don't need your book straight away, it works out fine. I just ordered a calculus text and a few others for my next term, and checked out for about £150, which is probably half the price I'd pay new in the bookstore at uni. Plus, I just put up for sale five or so textbooks that I no longer need. The extra money will certainly help next year, so I'd say that's one of the best bits about Alibris.

Shopping Tips for Alibris

Offers and deals for you


If you love discovering new authors and snapping up cheap books at the same time, the ‘Sale’ section of the Alibris website is for you. Here you’ll find a great number of books (as well as CDs and DVDs) which have been discounted by up to a whopping 80%. There’s a wide variety of all kinds of genres and ages available, so you’re almost guaranteed to find something you like here.

Extra money saving tips

Sign up for the newsletter

Before you place your next order with Alibris, make sure you sign up for the newsletter. When you subscribe, you’ll receive a discount code you can use to save £3 on your next order. Not only that, but by signing up for the newsletter, you’ll also get regular emails from the book retailer with more discount codes and reminders about the latest products to be reduced and dropped into the ‘Sale’ section, so you’ll never miss out on another deal. If you only signed up to the newsletter for the discount code and you don’t want to receive any more emails, you can opt out of the mailing list as soon as you’ve placed your order by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link found in every Alibris email.

Student discount

If you’re a student, Alibris will give you an 11% discount when you spend £35+ on their website. In order to get your exclusive discount, you need to scroll down to the footer of the Alibris website, click on the ‘Student discount’ link and connect to the site with your Student Beans ID.

Choose UK sellers

Whilst some of the books on the Alibris website are shipped directly from their warehouse, some are sold independently from various sellers worldwide. So if you want to save on shipping costs, make sure you only buy from UK sellers. Even if you have to pay a couple of pounds more to buy the book from a UK seller, it will probably still work out cheaper than buying the book for less from another retailer and having to pay for shipping from across the world.

Buy from the same seller

Another way you can save on shipping costs is to place your whole order with one single seller. When you buy multiple books from one seller, they combine shipping costs. This could work out much cheaper than paying less to buy books from several retailers and having to pay multiple shipping costs. You don’t need to do anything special to get a combined shipping discount – the shipping costs will automatically be reduced at the checkout.

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