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1. What is the site? is an easy-to-use website that brings together into one place all available online special offers from the UK's major online retailers.
If you shop online regularly you will save money if you check for offers before shopping.

2. How do I use

Visit and find the best current offers from the retailers you like.
We will show you details of each offer, including an offer code and expiry date, and will open the retailer's site.
Make a note of the offer code and start shopping!

3. How to Find Codes on the site

You can easily find codes from the homepage by selecting your retailer from a drop down menu, browsing through our A-Z lists or searching.

Remember that the most popular stores are always shown on the home page...
... and codes that are exclusive to are always shown on the home page.

From the homepage you can also browse:

  • Newly Added Shops
  • Categories
  • Top Promotional Codes - these are our most popular codes

If you haven't done so already, you should sign up to our weekly newsletter:
... in which we list the week's best and most popular offers with a link to each one.
And you should check out our blog where some of the top offers are reviewed. Click here on the homepage to find the blog:
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4. What are promotional codes?

A promotional code is a unique code that you use when shopping online to give yourself a better deal such as money off, or free delivery or a free gift.
You enter the code when prompted at checkout, and the retailer's site will automatically apply the offer. For instance, if the offer is £10 off an order value of £50 or more, you will see the cost of your purchase decrease by £10 if the starting cost is above £50. Simple!

5. How do I use a code?

A Select your retailer on Let's use as an example:

B Select your offer.

C Click on the offer to show the code. The retailer's site will open in a separate window ready for you.

D Make a note of the code and start shopping at the retailer's site. When you're ready, move to the checkout.

E Enter the code where prompted to trigger the offer:

F The retailer will use the code to update your basket with the value of the offer. If any restrictions are shown, such as minimum spend, we will show these before you start shopping.

6. Is there any difference between promotional codes, voucher codes and discount codes?

No. The terms promotional codes, voucher codes and discount codes are identical and are interchangeable.

7. Are there any restrictions on who can use these codes?

Usually no, though retailers make these codes available to sites like, so you need to use code sites to take advantage of the offers.

8. How often are new codes and offers added to the site?

Hundreds of retailers use voucher codes, and think up new offers, so codes and offers are added to the site virtually every day. Several new retailers appear each week so you should check regularly at and sign up to our newsletter to see if one of your favourite retailers is running an offer currently.

9. Where do these codes come from?

Codes are supplied by retailers who would like to attract extra custom to their websites.
Retailers make the codes available through carefully selected shopping code sites like

10. Do you have coupons which can be used offline?

Not at the moment sorry, but we will add them soon!

11. Can anyone use a code?

Occasionally an offer will have restrictions, so we will show these clearly. In most cases, just come to, find your favourite retailers, find the best offers, and start shopping!

12. About Advertising on offers advertising positions to carefully selected retailers.
Please contact marketing at for details.

13. How do I add my site to is always looking for extra ways to save money for shoppers. We always want to hear from retailers with great offers. Please tell us about your offers at marketing at

14. How does the site make money? earns fees from retailers who feature on the site, and also earns advertising revenue from retailers.

15. Is the site free to use?

Yes, the site is provided as a service to shoppers absolutely free of charge. The site earns its living from incentives from retailers who appear on the site, and from advertising.

16. Do I have to register to use

No, but you will find out first about the best offers if you sign up to our free weekly newsletter.

17. I have a cashback account elsewhere. Can I use that a code with that account?

There's a limit to how far retailers can reduce their prices, so voucher codes cannot be used in combination with cashback sites.
In most cases the value of a voucher far exceeds the amount of cashback that can be earned, so you'll save more if you use a voucher code site.

18. How can I find out about the best offers?

If you sign up to our free weekly newsletter we will make sure to tell you about each week's best offers.
We will trawl through the hundreds on offer and present the hand-picked best offers on the market.
In any case, all offers will appear on our site.

19. How do I log in?

We're updating to improve performance across platforms, and user login functionality is currently unavailable on the site.
To save favourite offers and merchants, or to access the ones you've already saved, please use the PromotionalCodes mobile app, available for iPhone and Android! You can also sign up for our newsletter
to receive our hottest deals in your inbox regularly.

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