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If there is a person out there who doesn't love snacking, Graze wants to meet them so they can change their mind. Graze was started by seven friends who were literally looking for a better (and healthier) way to snack. Tired of the standard snack fare, they camped out in a friend's spare room and reinvented snack time. Today, Graze offers its customers 100 snacks, everything from fruit to treats, that can be combined into millions of different graze box combinations. A hungry customer simply chooses one of Graze's themed snack boxes, and Graze will ship it direct to their door. Upon receipt, the customer can use a rating system to tell the company which snacks they liked and which they didn't. This information will be used for the creation of future boxes, so the snacker gets only the snacks that he or she finds most pleasing to their palette. Snack boxes are sent via Royal Mail and can fit through normal-sized letterboxes. Now anytime can be snack time. » more

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How to use Graze Promotional Codes

  1. Go to Graze

    Go to the website.

  2. Click to enter your promotional code

    On the Graze homepage, below the "Get Started Now" button, you will see a place to click that says "promotion or gift code? enter here." Click that button.

  3. Enter your code

    In the light box that pops up, enter the promotion or gift code that you've copied from Click "continue."

  4. Select the box and delivery frequency

    Graze provides two box options, each filled with healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit and whole-grain crackers. Pick the box you like the best and choose how often you’d like them delivered by clicking on the small round circles next to the options you want. Then click the green “Continue” button at the bottom.

  5. Enter your name and email

    On the Your Details page, fill out your name, email address and password as directed. [NOTE: if you check the “Nut Allergy?” box, Graze will decline to send you products and your transaction will be canceled.] Your order summary is posted on the left side of the screen, including the details of your promotion. Once everything is entered, click “continue.”

  6. Enter your delivery address

    If your office has a delivery postcode, enter it and click “Continue.” Otherwise, click on “Enter Your Address Manually” to bring up the screen for your full delivery address. Graze delivers to any location you choose in the UK—at home, school or work. Enter the required information, and click “Continue.”

  7. Enter your payment details

    Enter your credit card information into the secure payment page and hit “Finish.” That’s it! Soon, you’ll enjoy nutritious treats delivered straight to you.

Graze Customer Reviews

Fantastic idea for the dieters out there

I'll admit I was hesitant to try Graze, since it seemed a bit indulgent - why can't I just buy my own snacks at the Tesco? The ladies in my son's school raved about it, and mentioned how the first box was free, and second half price, so I was thinking it must be expensive. It turns out the boxes are only £3.49 including delivery! That definitely made the decision easy to give them a go. It was easy to go through the site and choose the different snacks I wanted, and everything is fresh and healthy. The olives, especially are FAB! I don't know what they do to them, but keep doing it. Since I get the boxes from Graze, I can monitor my snack intake and know that what my family is eating is nutritious. You can even select snacks based on your needs such as losing weight, boosting immunity, and so forth. At first I opted for once a week boxes, but now I'm doing Mondays and Thursdays, and it works out brilliantly.

A healthy and convenient alternative to crisps and sweets!

I first ordered from Graze when my friend gave me a code for a free box. It’s probably not something I would have signed up for without that sort of offer. To me, it seemed like a lot to spend on snacks. Surprisingly, now that I’ve been subscribed to Graze for a month or so, I can honestly say that I have no intention of cancelling my box anytime soon. The money I used to spend while I was working on unhealthy snacks like sweets and crisps turned out to be at least equal to, if not more than the amount I spend now, and the snacks are 100% better for me and more delicious.

Since I rated the snacks Graze have listed on their website I rarely get anything I dislike in my weekly box and Graze are adding to their recipes everyday. I like that different types of box are also available if you have specific dietary needs. Graze snacks are put together specifically to keep you full and help you eat a balanced diet, and since I’ve been getting the boxes I’ve definitely not got the hunger pangs I used to get before lunchtime!

Another great perk I’ve noticed is that the box is letterbox sized so the box is guaranteed to reach you without you needing to be in to receive it. I'm a very happy customer.

The office is eating healthy thanks to Graze

My office keeps a snacks closet as a little perk for the employees, but it's full of crisps, chocolates and other terrible for you snacks. Finally I mentioned Graze to my boss and he agreed to start receiving shipments and cancelling the junk food. It's worked brilliantly so far; granted, there are only six employees, so maybe it would not work in a larger environment. But we love the boxes, and they're full of variety so there's always something for everyone. I liked that you could tick off if you have a nut allergy, so I don't have to worry about a problem with that. Although I don't pay for it, I'm in charge of placing the orders, and the cost is very reasonable per box. It's working so well for us that my husband started talking to his company about starting up with Graze. Brilliant!

Shopping Tips for Graze

Offers and Deals for You

Free Graze Boxes

If you’ve never purchased a Graze box before, don’t dive in head first and pay full price for one – no matter how hungry you are! Graze is almost always running a special promotion which you can take advantage of to bag your very first box for free via promotional codes which are advertised on TV and discount voucher websites. You still have to sign up on the Graze website for a subscription with a debit/credit card to get your free box, though. So if you’re only planning on snapping up your freebie box, make sure you cancel your subscription as soon as you’ve placed your order to avoid any unwanted boxes or charges further down the line.

First and Fifth Boxes for Free

Another way to get yourself some freebie Graze boxes is to visit the website by clicking on our special link above. When you visit the site this way and sign up for a subscription, you’ll get your first and fifth boxes delivered to you free of charge!

Free Delivery

Graze includes the cost of home delivery within the price of each Graze box, which means that every box you order is essentially delivered for free. So even if you have a money-off voucher code or you’re taking advantage of a free Graze box offer, you’ll never have to pay to have your Graze box delivered.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Refer a Friend

If your friends keep stealing treats from your Graze box, tell them to get their own! Not only will you have more goodies to nibble on this way, but you’ll also earn yourself a discount off your next box. Every person who signs up with Graze using your unique refer-a-friend code will receive their first and fifth boxes for free. Plus, as the referrer, you’ll save £1 on your next Graze box for every friend who signs up.

Follow Graze on Facebook

Keep up with all the latest Graze special offers and discounts by following them online. The healthy snack specialist has active social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter where they post competitions you can enter to win free Graze boxes, plus loads of healthy recipes and new Graze snacks as soon as they become available so you can be amongst the first to enjoy them. The Facebook page is the most updated social media account, where posts are published at least once each week, so check in as often as you can if you never want to dip out.
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