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Coupons for PandO Ferries

PandO Ferries Promotional Codes

Originally established in the late 1960s, P&O Ferries began ferry services in the English Channel and the North Sea. Over the years, P&O Ferries has established a fleet of almost 20 passenger and freight ships and they provide services to France, Belgium, Holland, and Ireland. Currently, P&O Ferries offer the widest range of ferries and routes from the UK to Ireland and mainland Europe. The cruise ferries operating from Dover to Calais have an exclusive Club Lounge that serves complimentary drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, and champagne. These ferries also offer office facilities for any passenger who needs to work on their journey. Each ferry also features a number of restaurants and bars, offering everything from a quick snack to a full meal. To keep the children happy, there is a game arcade on every ferry and each has onboard shops and a bureau de change to ensure that you have the right currency for your trip. P&O Ferries are well known for offering their customers spectacular deals and savings with promotions held regularly throughout the year. Along with their great sales, you can often find voucher codes online for even more savings.

How to use PandO Ferries Promotional Codes

  1. Need to get away?

    If you’re looking to get away to the continent and want to drive your car, be sure to look at the P&O Ferries to Belgium, France, Holland and Spain.

  2. Tell it when and where

    At the top of the homepage you can begin your search by telling it where you’d like to go and when. Select the number of passengers and your car type, and then click on “Get Quote” for more information. The following screen will ask you to select from various crossing times. Click “select” next to the time that suits your best for both legs of the journey.

  3. Do you want something more?

    At the top of the screen, you will see your itinerary. Review this and go back a step if necessary. Otherwise proceed down the page and select from any desired upgrades you’d like to make. If you’re travelling with pets, provide the appropriate information. Click on “continue”.

  4. Tell us about yourself

    In the following screen you will be asked to share your contact details, as well as the names of your passengers. Click or unclick the “offers” you may or may not want to learn about and then read the terms & conditions and click accordingly before clicking on “Continue”.

  5. Time to pay and save documents

    Select your preferred payment method and provide your details before completing the transaction. Be sure to print and/or save your final confirmation with your itinerary. Enjoy your crossing to the continent.

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PandO Ferries Customer Reviews

Best way to travel to Calais!!

With the purse strings rather tight this year we opted to take a day trip to Calais instead of our usual holiday. Booking the ferry with P&O was brilliant, as we were able to take advantage of an offer for travel on the Spirit of Britain for day trips. We received a buy one get one free voucher for the food court as part of the offer, which helped with costs as well. The boat even had an accessorize store on board, which definitely helped pass the time! We took the earliest ferry and came back on the latest, and had a lovely day out in Calais.

Dublin to Liverpool route is fantastic

My parents live in Liverpool, and since I've been studying in Dublin the P&O ferries have been great because I can take my car. That's how we got my car over to Ireland, and so I've been bringing it back with me on uni breaks. Although the ferry takes loads longer at least I have time to study or sleep on the way. Their site is brilliant, because it only takes a minute or so to find my route and book it right online. Couldn't be easier!

Shopping Tips for PandO Ferries

Offers and deals for you

2 for 1

One of the most popular promotions which regularly crops up on the P&O Ferries website is 2 for 1 – one adults pays full price for a ferry crossing or minicruise and the other adult gets to tag along for free. If you’re travelling in a group of two, it’s definitely worth checking out to see if there are any 2 for 1 offers before you book. And since this type of deal is so common, if a 2 for 1 offer isn’t available when you first look, it’s worth waiting a couple of weeks and checking back later to see is one has been started in the meantime.

Free onboard meals

With P&O Ferries, all the meals on board the Liverpool to Dublin route are completely free, so you won’t be left hungry or out of pocket. Food is served in an all-you-can-eat-buffet-style which covers a selection of international dishes, tea and coffee.

Children travel for free

Children under the age of four years old travel free of charge onboard P&O Ferries when accompanied by an adult. Although you don’t need to pay to take small children, they still need a ticket, so make sure you include them in your party when making your booking.

Extra money saving tips

Season ticket

If you frequently travel with P&O Ferries, it’s worth buying one of their season tickets instead of regularly purchasing single or return tickets. These season tickets are available to buy in packs of 6-8, 10-16, 18-22, 24-38 and 40+, all of which work out better value for money than single or return tickets. Each ticket package is valid for up to 12 months and they can be transferred to friends and family, although this will cost an extra £10 to do. If you’re going to make 40 or more crossings within a single year, your best bet is to buy the largest ticket package possible – that way you’ll pay the cheapest price per crossing.

Saver ticket

On the other hand, if you’re making a one-off journey and want to get the best price possible, you’re much better off choosing the saver ticket option. This type of ticket is always the cheapest one to buy, although it is the most limited, too. Each saver ticket includes a standard cabin, but it doesn’t include any meals, it isn’t refundable and if you want to change any details, you’ll have to pay a fee. But when you’re only going to be on the ferry for a short period of time and get all the booking details right the first time, it’s still your best option to save money.

Senior citizen discount

Over 60s are entitled to senior citizen discounts when travelling with P&O Ferries. This type of discount is only available on foot passenger fares (not car fares) and you’ll be required to show proof of your age before boarding. To get this discount, you don’t need to do anything special – simply select ‘Senior Citizen’ when searching for your ferry tickets and the discount will automatically be applied.

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