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  • How to Use Promotional Codes

    Make any art yours with

    Find beautiful art prints—any genre, subject or artist—within the online pages of Take a tour of and select your favorite pieces for purchase by clicking “Add to Cart.”

    Look at your shopping cart

    When you’re done drinking in art, start the checkout process by going into your shopping cart. Just click on the trolley icon at top right, and you’ll be able to review and edit your order. When satisfied, click “Checkout.”

    Enter shipping/billing address(es)

    Complete the “Shipping Address” form as directed, making sure fields with asterisks are filled in. If your billing and shipping addresses are the same, no problem—just tick the “Same as Shipping Address” circle. If not, tick the “Enter a New Billing Address” circle and fill out the fields that appear.

    Come to Promotional Codes UK for a deal

    Find a discount on your order at our website. Just review the promotions, click “View Code & Open Site” on one you like, and copy the coupon code that appears. Then go back to

    Redeem your coupon

    On the right, just below the order total, is a section labeled “Coupon.” Paste or enter your coupon code in the box, and click “Apply” to use it on your order (the total should adjust automatically). Click “Continue.”

    Add payment details

    Fill out the “Enter Payment Info” section by using the dropdown menu to select your card type, and entering your card number, security code, etc. Click “Continue.”

    Review, confirm order

    Double check your order, as well as all personal and payment information you entered, one last time. If everything looks good, confirm your order to submit payment and complete your transaction. You’re done—and your cool new artwork will be on its way soon!
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    Extra Money Saving Tips

    Sign Up for the Newsletter

    If we’re running low on promo codes, sign up for the newsletter before you place your next order because when you do, you’ll receive a 30% discount code you can use to save on your next purchase! Not only that, but by signing up, you’ll also receive regular emails from the Art retailer, with exclusive money saving offers you won’t find anywhere else. If you only really signed up for the newsletter for the initial 30% discount code, you can opt out of the mailing list as soon as you’ve placed your order by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link found in the footer of each newsletter.

    Follow Online

    Every now and then, runs a fantastic competition which you can enter for the chance to get your hands on all sorts of superb prizes, ranging from vouchers for art supplies to designer room makeovers and free artwork. You’ll find these competitions advertised on’s Facebook and Google+ pages, so make sure you check them every week or so if you don’t want to miss out.
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